Chewing gum can relieve attention. The advantages and disadvantages of chewing gum on the body are

. When it comes to chewing gum, many people carry it in their bags. After eating, take out a piece and chew it. There are also some people, after smoking, feel uncomfortable in the mouth, will also take out a chewing. Not to mention, some people will chew gum when they are nervous, which can relieve their attention. Sweet taste, people can’t help chewing more. A lot of people wonder, is gum good or not? Does chewing often affect the body? Let’s learn about it.

Perhaps influenced by TV advertisements, many people think of chewing gum to clean their mouth and protect their teeth. Indeed, some substances will be added in the production process to make people’s breath more fresh, such as mint, Let the person tone become very good, away from the bad breath. If you want to clean your mouth and remove the dirty things on your teeth, you’d better chew the sugar free one. Maybe many people don’t pay attention to this detail at all. When they get the gum, they will chew it. The sugar free gum stimulates saliva. There is more and more saliva in your mouth. Constantly remove the dirty things on your teeth and protect your teeth. On the contrary, if you chew sugary gum, the mouth does have sweet taste, but also because of the sugar, it can stimulate the teeth and induce the occurrence of dental caries. However, it is not conducive to the oral cavity. Therefore, it can be concluded that sugar free gum can protect teeth, while sugar containing gum can damage teeth.

Some people have such a feeling that they have stomachache when chewing gum. This is because the production of digestive juice increases during chewing, especially when chewing gum that has no taste is still in their mouth, It can further stimulate the production of acid substances and protease, and has a greater impact on the gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, you will find that the feeling of flatulence will also bring discomfort.

chewing gum too much will make people’s facial muscles get exercise, promote the maxillary muscles, because excessive exercise stimulates the whole face shape, in this process, it will also affect the jaw, it is easy to make people’s face shape change, showing a square face, and even make people’s masseter bigger.

For children, many adults will not give them chewing gum. They are mainly afraid that children will swallow gum when they eat it. In addition to this reason, if children often chew gum, it will affect their chewing muscles, Their children’s masticatory muscle development is not perfect, will always be in a state of tension, will affect children’s sleep in sleep, let them appear molar situation.

many athletes chew gum in practice or competition to improve the blood flow of the brain, stimulate the activity of the brain, and improve the reflex nerve, memory, judgment and concentration. In addition, many elderly people have loose teeth and like to eat soft food. They not only reduce the number of chewing, but also accelerate the aging of the brain. In addition, they have limited kinds of nutrients, leading to malnutrition and growing weakness. It is recommended to chew gum for 5 minutes three times a day between meals. Pay attention not to chew with one side of the tooth, and do not choose gum containing sugar or acid substances, otherwise it will cause tooth decay and other problems.

It’s enough to see that chewing gum has two sides. On the one hand, it can help people improve their oral cavity and make their breath fresh. But chewing gum for a long time is not good. It’s easy to stimulate the body and bring bad situation. These troubles, We also need to pay more attention. And remember, chewing gum every day for no more than 15 minutes, a long time, chewing gum has no taste, and repeated chewing, but also let the teeth have a sense of fatigue.

the starting point of chewing gum itself is to get fresh breath, but you can’t eat wrong. Once you eat wrong, these hazards may appear. Therefore, keeping these taboos in mind may help you to have better health care. I hope it will help you to promote your health.

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