Choose the right diet according to the type of temper, easily find the right food for yourself

everyone and everyone’s temper are naturally different, some people are hot and irritable, some people are gentle and slow. These different types of temper not only reflect the characteristics of people, but also reflect the defects and deficiencies in healthy diet. According to different temperaments to choose their own diet, is also a very scientific way of diet. Next, we will follow you to introduce how to choose the right diet according to the type of temper, so that you can easily find the right food for yourself.

How to choose the right diet according to the type of temper?

1, irritable type

often irritable people, to eat more calcium, phosphorus food, such as peanuts (calcium content), milk, soybeans, orange, oysters, eggs (phosphorus content) and so on, and to eat a little light, not too heavy taste.

in addition to mood factors, irritability may be caused by calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency in the human body can lead to functional disorder. At this time, calcium supplementation can relieve symptoms. Calcium is a natural nervous system stabilizer. It can prevent aggressive and destructive behavior. Irritable people should use milk, yogurt, cheese and other calcium containing foods to calm their mind.

what are the calcium containing substances? Eat more sea fish, chicken liver, kelp, laver, Nostoc flagelliforme, black fungus, black sesame and other foods rich in vitamin D.

2, stubborn

, stubborn people need to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood. It is suggested that we should first reduce meat, eat more fish and try to eat sashimi. Vegetables are mainly green and yellow, reducing salt, and light. In addition, it is also necessary to change the habit of eating instant noodles, drinking cool drinks or not eating breakfast.

3 Nagging type

brain deficiency in line with vitamin B can make people become nagging. Should eat more animal lean meat, coarse flour, maltose, beans, etc. You can also mix the milk and popular milk, add two teaspoons of yeast, drink it three times a day, because there are wheat germ in yeast, which is rich in vitamin B.

4, depression sentimental type

lack of tryptophan is an important cause of depression, remember to supplement foods rich in tryptophan, such as peas, black soybeans, pumpkin seeds, fish fillets, etc. In addition, bananas, grapes, apples, oranges can give people a relaxed and pleasant feeling, so that melancholy away.

5 Most of the suspicious and worried people are pale and thin, mainly because of the low intake of energy and protein, which leads to anemia and lack of physical strength. Can drink green tea, green tea can relax people’s mood, make the spirit in a relaxed and pleasant state. Eat more vegetables. The potassium in vegetables helps to calm nerves and calm emotions.

6, careless type

measures: eat more pepper, dried fish, dried bamboo shoots, fried radish, milk, red dates, snails, cabbage, reduce the amount of meat.

7 The irritable people should reduce the intake of salt and sugar, eat less snacks, and eat more shellfish, shrimp, kelp, crab, beans, longan, dried walnuts, mushrooms, etc.

8, negative dependence type

these people usually lack courage and courage. Should moderate sweets, eat more calcium and vitamin B1 rich food.

9 and

are usually deficient in vitamin A and vitamin C. they should eat more pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken, duck liver, cow and sheep milk, chicken and duck eggs, river crabs, snails and other foods, and also eat more capsicum, red jujube, kiwi fruit, hawthorn, orange, balsam pear, rape, cowpea and other foods rich in vitamin C.

the above is how we introduce you to choose the right diet according to the type of temper. These diets are based on different types of temper & lt; Tailor made & quot; Yes. It is very scientific and credible to judge the nutritional elements that the human body lacks according to the type of temper. If you are not satisfied with your temper, you may as well try this new way of eating.

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