Clean plush toys skillfully and easy to use life tips

Clean plush toys skillfully super easy to use life tips

super easy to use life tips

1, do not use water, clean plush toys skillfully

method: put half a bowl of big grain salt (i.e. coarse salt, sold in supermarkets, 2 yuan a bag) and dirty plush toys into a plastic bag, tie the mouth, and shake hard for dozens of times. When the salt is taken out, it has become gray black due to the adsorption of dirt.

advantages: avoid the toy plush knot caused by washing. At the same time, salt has disinfection effect. Fast and time-saving.

principle: using the positive and negative ions of salt, namely sodium chloride, to adsorb dirt.

draw inferences from one instance: you can also use this method to clean the plush collar of cotton padded clothes and the plush cushion in the car.

2, separation of egg white and yolk

method: beat the egg into a bowl, use an empty drink bottle to gently suck on the egg yolk to easily separate the egg white and yolk.

advantages: it is cleaner and faster than other traditional methods. If the yolk is not used for the time being, you can cover the drink bottle and put it directly into the refrigerator for storage.

3, skillfully drying thick blanket

method: drying the blanket along the diagonal line on the clothesline can greatly shorten the drying time.

4, the photo in the frame is fixed skillfully

method: put one or several monkey bands on the back of the photo, and then press the glass plate. Horizontal, vertical and oblique.

principle: rubber band is used to increase the friction between the photo and the glass plate. This method can also be used for fixed large-scale painting.

5, peel orange skin skillfully

method: dig out the base of the orange with a steel spoon, dig a circle slightly larger than the spoon, and then insert the spoon close to the orange skin (the arc of the spoon fits the arc of the orange skin), and pry off the skin bit by bit.

6, use the watch to distinguish the direction (prerequisite: the sun)

method: divide the time at that time by 2, get the number pointer pointing to the direction of the sun, then the direction of 12 o’clock is the north. For example, at 2:00 p.m., 14:00 p.m., divide by 2 to get 7, and point the position of 7:00 in the direction of the sun, then the direction of 12 is north.

7, clean plastic basin skillfully

method: wrap the tea leaves with gauze, dip in proper amount of edible oil, and then clean with a little detergent.

advantages: compared with the traditional method of scrubbing with vegetable cloth, this method avoids scratching the surface of plastic products. The surface of plastic products will be uneven after scratch, so it is easier to accumulate dirt.

principle: oil absorption.

8, stainless steel tableware cleaning

method: cut off the carrot head when cooking, bake it on the fire, and then use it to wipe stainless steel products.

advantages: no damage to surface finish.

principle: use the little acidity of roasted carrots.

9, skillfully soak babaomi

method: put all kinds of hard boiled beans and rice into ordinary thermos, add boiling water, place for more than ten hours, then pour out and cook porridge in ordinary pot or pressure cooker. I have used this method several times, strongly recommend it!!! Very convenient, greatly shorten the porridge time. The porridge is sticky and delicious!!

10, skillfully wash the small mouth dirty bottle

method: break the egg shell into pieces, put it into the bottle, add warm water, shake it with force, then you can wash it clean.

principle: use the friction of the egg shell to remove the oil and jam and other things attached to the inner wall of the bottle.

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