Clean up the stubborn stains in the food box. Make your box clean.

the size of the daily food box varies from big to small, and there are many kinds of materials, among which plastic and glass are the most common. The plastic fresh-keeping box is light, easy to carry and not afraid of falling, but it will appear stubborn stains after a long time, which is hard to remove, making the fresh-keeping box look a little dirty. Today, let’s share 6 tips to make the stains on fresh-keeping boxes or other plastic products clean and extend their service life!

Tip 4: use lemon juice to clean

lemon juice with strong acid taste like white vinegar, and it is also a good helper to clean stubborn stains in plastic fresh-keeping boxes. Just cut the lemon in half, and then smear the cut surface on the dyed place of the fresh-keeping box, Put the fresh-keeping box in the sun for 1-2 days, let the lemon juice on the fresh-keeping box contact with the ultraviolet ray in the sun, you can remove the stains in the fresh-keeping box, and have the effect of sterilization!

tips 5: use alcohol to clean

alcohol is very suitable for cleaning the plastic fresh-keeping box dyed by coffee, tea, tomato sauce, fruit juice and other food. As long as the alcohol is wiped on the dyed place of the fresh-keeping box until it is clean, then rinse the fresh-keeping box with water, and then wash it again with dishwasher. If the stains are not completely washed off after wiping with alcohol for a while, you can pour the alcohol directly into the fresh-keeping box, wait for about 5 minutes, and then repeat the cleaning procedure.

tips 6: use denture cleaning tablet to clean

denture cleaning tablet can not only clean the stained part of denture, but also clean the stained part of plastic fresh-keeping box or other plastic products. Just put two denture cleaning tablets into hot water to dissolve, then pour hot water into fresh-keeping box to cover the stain, and wait until the stain disappears, Then clean the box with clean water and dishwashing detergent, and let it dry naturally!

How to buy fresh-keeping box

, we must pay attention to the materials of fresh-keeping box. The main materials on the market are PC, PE, PP, toughened glass and silica gel! Poor PC, PE, PP materials contain plasticizer and bisphenol A, and the use time is not long; Tempered glass is bulky and not easy to use; Pure silicone material is safe and environmentally friendly material, soft and tough, long service life! Xiaobian suggests choosing transparent and translucent materials. You can easily confirm the items in the box without opening the box.

again, we should also pay attention to the applicable temperature of the fresh-keeping box. Generally, the temperature of the plastic box is about 0 ~ 10 ℃, some of them bear the temperature of – 25 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, and what’s more, the temperature of the silica gel is – 40 ℃ ~ 230 ℃. Are you still afraid of high temperature? It can be put in the refrigerator for food refrigeration, in the microwave oven for heating or in the dishwasher.

experts also specially offer tips for you: the square fresh-keeping box is suitable for the refrigerator door, which can be used to store all kinds of seasonings and leftovers; Rectangular box is easy to store food with moisture, such as fruits, vegetables and seafood; The round box is suitable for storing salad, sauce and all kinds of vegetables.

all kinds of fresh-keeping boxes are used together to make the refrigerator more tidy and keep the food in the best fresh-keeping state for a long time. Of course, it’s best to eat fresh food when conditions permit. Different foods are kept for different times. We can’t trust the fresh-keeping ability of fresh-keeping boxes and refrigerators without restriction. It’s better to eat food as soon as possible.

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