Cleaning at home at the end of the year is dirty and tired, cleaning experts teach you four simple ways

cleaning at home at the end of the year is dirty and tired! Nanny: I’ll teach you four ways to use them skillfully; It & quot; The only trouble at home is cleaning, but how can we simplify the heavy task if we want to keep comfortable? In fact, according to the cleaning location, there are four big blocks, namely, the kitchen, toilet, floor and window, with good tools and & lt; Detergents;, It’ll be done soon. Then the cleaner shared with us her four ways of cleaning. Come and learn with me.

1, the floor

, there is always dust on the floor that can not be cleaned completely, and the floor will change after a long time; It’s dark; I can’t rub it out. The expert told us that when sweeping the floor, you can easily remove the dust from the ground by putting the worn silk stockings on the broom; Sticky & quot; It’s up there. Don’t use washing powder or detergent when mopping the floor. The ingredients of these cleaners are special. If they can’t be washed clean, it’s easy to make the floor clean; The more you rub, the stickier you stick;. Skillfully use white vinegar and baking soda , add 1 / 6 volume of white vinegar into the basin, then add a little baking soda, rinse the mop, wipe them evenly on the floor, and then rinse the mop with clean water after 10 minutes, you will find that the floor will be cleaned again; It’s as bright as new;.

2 Windows

as many people only clean the windows once or twice a year, it is difficult to clean the dust stains on the glass surface with clean water. alike. The master taught us to wash the dishcloth with water first; Deployment & quot; Well, add half a basin of water, add a little white vinegar and baking soda to the water, and then add half a bottle of beer to it. Beer contains a lot of organic matter, which can form a layer on the surface of glass; Protective film;, In this way, it is easy to clean the glass, and the polished glass will be & lt; Shining & quot;.

3 Kitchen lampblack

the kitchen is the most difficult to clean than the stove and lampblack machine, long-term use makes its surface yellow and sticky, if you use a rag to wipe, not only the friction is big, but also make your own hand; It’s dark;. Find a big bowl and mix it with water, white vinegar and baking soda; Detergent & quot; and take out the tissue. Soak the tissue in & lt; Detergent & quot; Then take it out & lt; Post & quot; On the greasy surface, let stand for ten minutes. When you uncover the tissue, you will find that the oil can be easily wiped off.

4 , toilet & lt; Water stain & quot;

the faucet of the toilet and other places often appear white after long use; Water stains;, Most of these water stains are minerals separated from domestic water. Daren mixed water and white vinegar according to the ratio of 4:1 with , poured them into the spout and sprayed them on the surface of the metal faucet. After a while, as long as you wipe with a wet cloth, the water stains will be removed easily.

Through the above four steps, it is not difficult for us to find the right way to use & lt; White vinegar & quot; And & lt; Baking soda & quot; It can remove a lot of indoor stains, because they have certain acid-base corrosivity and can be immersed in the surface of stains to remove them; Softening & quot;, But the corrosion is limited, not to damage the surface of furniture. According to the way of cleaning talent, the above four & lt; Big & quot; After cleaning up, is there nothing left to wipe the floating soil, bed sheets and quilt covers?

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