Clothes shrink a lot of trouble, a few tips to easily solve the problem of shrinkage

some materials of clothes will shrink after washing, even after washing will entangle like a twist. How to solve the problem of shrinking after washing? Here’s the trick! Quick look at the following operation method!

How to repair shrunken clothes

fill the sink with warm water. Fill your sink or bucket with at least 1 quart (1 liter) of warm water.

please note that knitted garments such as cotton, wool and cashmere are more suitable for this method than densely woven fabrics such as silk, rayon or polyester.

the water temperature should be approximately the same as the room temperature, or a little warmer. Do not use water that is too hot or too cold.

mixed with baby shampoo or conditioner.

mix 1 quart (1 liter) of water with about 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of baby shampoo or light conditioner. Stir the mixture until the water is smooth and soapy.

baby shampoo and conditioner can relax the fibers of shrunken clothes. As the fibers are relaxed, they become easier to stretch and manipulate, which means you can stretch your clothes back to the right size.

soak your clothes in your soapy water. Immerse the shrunken clothing in your soap solution to make sure it is completely covered.

for about 30 minutes.

if necessary, you can start to stretch slightly when the clothes are soaked, but this is not absolutely necessary.

How to prevent the shrinkage of clothes

reduce the purchase of cotton clothes

not all clothes will shrink. It depends on the fabric of the clothes. If it is cotton, it is really difficult to avoid shrinkage, If you are afraid of shrinking, you can choose polyester or hemp clothes that are not easy to shrink.

quality guaranteed

don’t buy some very poor quality clothes at a low price. If you don’t have a certificate or a label, the poor quality clothes are poor in workmanship and texture. It’s hard not to shrink.

hand washing best

now many families have washing machines, usually throw them into the washing machine when they are dirty. In fact, the clothes washed by the washing machine are not only not clean and thorough, but also have great lethality, which can easily lead to poor quality and shrinkage of clothes.

look at the label before washing

don’t do the same cleaning treatment for all clothes. Develop the habit of looking at the label before washing. For example, if individual clothes contain different ingredients, they are not suitable for washing by washing machine. Blind cleaning will only damage the shrinkage of clothes.

It’s not suitable to Soak clothes for too long. Many people are used to soaking clothes for a period of time before washing. They think it’s better to wash them. In fact, soaking is OK, but the time should be right. Normal 10-15 minutes is enough, After soaking for a long time, not only the dirt will be absorbed by the clothing fiber, but also some fiber texture will become soft, damaging the shrinkage of the clothing.

do not wash clothes at high temperature

washing clothes with high temperature water is not to disinfect clothes, but to destroy the shrinkage of clothes. Generally, the temperature of washing clothes should be controlled below 30.

electric iron finalization

the clothes have shrunk a little. You can lay the clothes flat and use the electric iron to finalization. The clothes will not only return to the original appearance, but also reduce the problem of shrinkage in the future.

softener maintenance

in addition to soap washing powder, some softeners such as JinFang should be used to maintain the clothes to prevent shrinkage.

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