Coffee grounds in daily life:

coffee grounds in daily life:

1 and dehumidification:

are also coffee powder that needs to be dried. Put it in a wet place and change it every two days.

2, except flavor

after the collected coffee powder is dried (necessary, otherwise it will get moldy), it can be spread in a small box, and then put in the toilet and other places with peculiar smell. Or put it in a nonwoven bag, in a shoe cabinet or in a refrigerator. But at most 7 days to replace Oh, otherwise there is no effect.

pot used for a long time, how much oil smell, the wet coffee (or tea) in the pot fry dry, you can remove the pot smell. If there are smokers at home, they can also put a layer in their ashtray to remove the smell of smoke.

3, maintenance items

coffee grounds itself contains a certain amount of oil, so it can be made into a small bag of pins. Or put it in the silk stockings to smear the wood floor, which can achieve the effect of waxing. If you have bronze ware at home, you can also wrap the fresh coffee grounds with cloth and use them for maintenance. However, the surface of bronze ware can’t be treated, otherwise it will damage the original surface.

4, beauty

I think MM people like this. The substance contained in coffee itself has the effect of tightening and reducing fat for the skin. In addition, the particles of coffee grounds can remove dead skin, so for mm in summer, it should be regarded as a family beauty saint.

5, nourishment and insect repellent

coffee grounds contain a lot of nitrogen, so they can be used as nourishment. But it’s not suitable for all plants, and it’s better to mix the soil first, ferment it into compost, and then use it in flowers and plants. Coffee grounds are acidic. Plants that like acidic soil can use it as fertilizer, so it has good effect on aloe, mint, nine storey pagoda, evergreen plants and Rhododendron. It seems that it is not effective on all pests, but only on mollusks, such as snails and slugs.

6, clean

can be mixed into hand sanitizer, activated carbon in dregs can help to remove the dirty things that can’t be seen on hands. Or pour the coffee grounds into the sink and flush the sink with water to remove the odor and grease from the drain.

can you eat coffee grounds?

after a brewing, the good substance has been completely extracted. The washed coffee grounds are not drinkable, because there is no good taste. Coffee grounds have no nutrients, so they are not edible. However, it has other uses, so we should not throw it away, otherwise it will have no use value.

coffee grounds mainly have the following five functions:

1, plant nutrients. Because coffee dregs contain nutrients needed for plant growth, pouring them into flowerpots can not only play the role of fertilizer, but also have no peculiar smell. If the root of the plant around a circle, you can achieve the purpose of not recruiting insects.

2, deodorization and deodorization. Coffee grounds have the ability to absorb odor, so it is a good helper for deodorization. Coffee grounds can be put in a small plate and put in the toilet to remove the odor; It can also be sewn in a cloth bag and stuffed into the shoe cabinet. It can not only act as an aromatic agent, but also play a role in dehumidification. If it is placed in shoes, the deodorization effect is more obvious. In addition, the coffee grounds into the refrigerator, can avoid food cross taste; Put it in the corner of the room to absorb the odor and prevent the invasion of insects and ants; The utility model is spread in the ashtray, which can remove the bad smell of the cigarette, and is easier to extinguish the cigarette butt; Put the wet coffee grounds in the pot until dry, you can get rid of the smell in the pot.

3, clean hands. After the coffee dregs are dried in the sun, they are put into the silk stockings to polish the wooden floor, which can achieve the effect of waxing; You can also wrap coffee grounds with old silk stockings and sew a layer of calico on the outside, which can be used as needle insertion to prevent the needle from rusting.

4, beauty. Massage with brewed coffee can not only make skin smooth, but also firm and beautify.

5, refreshing. Coffee grounds can be used as pillow fillings to calm the nerves and improve sleep quality.

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