Coix cold is not suitable for long-term consumption of a large number of taboo eating red bean Coix porridge

many people have drunk Coix water, for the effect of edema is very good, and coix porridge is another flavor, but can’t drink more, cold is relatively big, the following to follow together to see!

Is job’s tears porridge cool? Job’s tears is a cold food. It is not recommended to eat more. According to nutritionists, job’s tears are cool food. Job’s tears are cold and not suitable for long-term consumption. Generally, it should not exceed one week. A large number of long-term single consumption, will lead to kidney yang deficiency, physical decline, reduced resistance, serious infertility.

red bean job’s tears has the effect of removing dampness. It can remove moisture in the body, and is conducive to water detumescence, detoxification and pus discharge. It is very suitable for people with heavy moisture in summer. It can be eaten as a meal. It is a good product for removing dampness and strengthening spleen.

Can job’s tears porridge be drunk everyday?

eating every day or eating too much is easy to hurt the stomach, although the taste is very good, but it is still a kind of health soup, rather than millet porridge like

how to cook Coix?

wash the job’s tears with clean water before cooking, then soak them in clean water for two or three hours, and then cook them after absorbing enough water. When it is hot, it’s better to soak Coix in the refrigerator. When cooking, it’s better to boil the water together, so as to avoid the loss of nutrition.

wash the job’s tears with clean water first, and then soak it for a while, so that the water can enter the job’s tears, and the effect is better. Then take out the job’s tears, drain the excess water, put the wet job’s tears into a plastic bag, and put it in the freezer of the refrigerator until it freezes. Such job’s tears are easy to boil.

if you don’t want to soak job’s tears, you can also use the freezing method. Is to buy Coix into a plastic bag, put into the refrigerator freezer frozen for a week. When you need to eat it, take it out and cook it. It’s easy to rot.

The taboo of eating red bean and coix porridge is

1, which should be avoided by menstrual women. Because job’s tears will make the body cold deficiency, deficiency cold constitution is not suitable for long-term use, so women should avoid eating.

2, can’t be taken as medicine. Although job’s tears have the function of reducing blood fat and blood sugar, it is only a kind of health food and cannot be used as medicine. So patients with hyperlipidemia symptoms, it is best to find a doctor for treatment, never eat coix seed to treat!

3. Pregnant women are forbidden to eat. Pregnant women, if they don’t feel very wet, had better not eat job’s tears, because job’s tears still have the nature of cold, but red beans can eat, with jujube, lily, wolfberry and other ingredients will replace job’s tears, cooked into porridge can also remove dampness, even with other effects.

4, can not be cooked with rice. When cooking red bean and job’s tears porridge, pay attention not to add rice to cook together. Although in everyone’s impression, porridge must be added with rice, but in this way, the effect of red bean and job’s tears will disappear, which does not have the effect of dehumidification. Because rice grows in water and has certain moisture, the main effect of Hongdou Yimi porridge is to remove moisture. If rice is added when cooking, the porridge will thicken and the effect will be worse.

5, people with poor digestion ability eat less. Job’s tears contain higher viscosity of carbohydrate, so eating too much may hinder digestion. People with weak digestion and absorption ability should try to eat less or not.

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