Color food can help you relieve your mood

color food can help you relieve your mood

according to relevant experts, different colors of food have different effects on mood, joy, anger, sadness and happiness are the four most common emotions, and different colors of food can regulate and improve mood. Experts point out that the best way to maximize the energy of color is to eat into your stomach. Eating the color of food can arouse the inner emotion. For example, red dishes make people feel excited; When facing white dishes, people will feel relaxed; And yellow can produce exciting effect, stimulate brain activity, feel warm and comfortable. When cooking food, we should make full use of the color of the food itself, not too much processing. The following describes the impact of various colors on mood and the corresponding main food.

1, red

, which is a very strong and energetic color in emotion, can promote blood circulation, stimulate the mood, give people a warm, festive, peaceful, sense of appetite. If you have this kind of color food on the table, you will unconsciously eat more, which is easy to lay a hidden danger for obesity.

2, pink

this color symbolizes love and femininity. Pink dishes have a positive effect when people want to feel love and warmth and become gentle. The corresponding foods are peaches, rose wine and pork.

3, orange

orange is the most appetizing color, which can cheer people up when they are gloomy or worried. The corresponding foods are citrus, mango, carrot and onion.

4, yellow

, yellow can stimulate nerves and stimulate energy, help to concentrate and improve interest in learning, especially suitable for breakfast and lunch box color. The corresponding foods are potatoes, corn, bananas and egg yolks. The best way to increase appetite is the combination of red and yellow, which can make people feel very & quot; Friendly;, And can never forget.

5, green

, green represents bright, fresh and natural. Light green, scallion green and light green means fresh and light, which is conducive to stabilizing mood and reducing tension. When taken together with food of other colors, the effect will be doubled. The corresponding foods are spinach, avocado, cabbage and olive oil.

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