Common sense of broiler meat, native chicken and egg chicken when eating chicken

there are three kinds of chicken in the market: broiler meat, native chicken and egg chicken. Many people think that eating native chicken is more nutritious than the other two; Some people think that chicken skin is delicious and nutritious. Is that the truth? Let’s share some knowledge about chicken. Let’s get to know it!

Is native chicken meat more nutritious than broiler?

from the perspective of nutrition, the protein content of native chicken meat is slightly higher than that of broilers, and the fat content is lower than that of broilers. But the content of vitamin A is not as high as that of broilers. In terms of taste and flavor, local chicken meat is free range and eats vegetable leaves and insects every day. Its growth cycle is longer than that of broilers, and its taste is much better than that of broilers. However, from the perspective of food safety, due to the long-term free range, once the control is not good, the safety risk will be greater. Therefore, in addition to taste, native chicken is not more nutritious than broiler!

Are there hormones in broilers?

broilers generally grow faster and have a short growth cycle, so it is not necessary to take hormones to promote the growth of broilers. If the chicken is given hormone, it will increase the cardiovascular and liver burden of broilers, and easily increase the mortality of broilers. Even if the broiler does not add a variety of hormones, it can not be overused, especially fried chicken, too many calories, easy to lead to obesity.

Is chicken skin more nutritious?

many people like to eat chicken skin, which is delicious and nutritious, especially for fried or roasted chicken skin, which tastes very fragrant after being tasted. But although chicken skin is delicious, it is not suitable for eating. It is mainly because of the high content of fat and cholesterol in chicken skin, which can easily lead to obesity, and induce chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and so on. It is suggested to peel off the skin of chicken before eating.

Nutritional composition of chicken:

according to the analysis and determination of nutritionists, every 100 grams of chicken contains 21.5 grams of protein, and most of them are unsaturated fatty acids close to human needs. Chicken also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin B2, nicotinic acid. The content of vitamin A in chicken liver is particularly high, reaching 10900 international units per 100 grams, which is about 6 times that of pig liver.

Efficacy of chicken:

1. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chicken has the efficacy of warming the middle and replenishing qi, tonifying essence and marrow, benefiting five zang organs, activating blood vessels, strengthening muscles and bones, and tonifying deficiency.

2. Chicken contains phospholipids which play an important role in human growth and development. It is an important source of fat and phospholipids in Chinese dietary structure.

3. Chicken has high digestibility and can be easily absorbed by human body. It can enhance physical strength and strengthen the body.

4, chicken on malnutrition, fear of cold, fatigue, irregular menstruation, anemia, weakness has a very good therapeutic effect.

mouth watering chicken

ingredients: 1 tender chicken, cooked peanut, cooked sesame, green onion, pepper, coriander, sesame oil

1, start the pot, add appropriate water, put the washed chicken in, cook until the chicken is cooked.

2. Take up the cooked chicken and put it into cold water.

3. Chop pepper, coriander, scallion and peanut.

4, take a bowl, add the prepared soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, and then add peanuts, sesame, onion, coriander into the sauce.

5. Take out the pickled chicken and cut it into a scale.

6, pour the sauce before the chicken into the chicken.

White cut chicken

ingredients: 1 net fat young hen (weighing about 0.8-1.2kg is better), 120g green onion, 40g ginger, 120g vegetable oil, 15g salt, 100g coriander.

seasoning method:

when Guangzhou people eat white cut chicken, most of them are prepared with ginger and scallion seasoning. It tastes light and easy to accept, so it makes people feel like white cut chicken is just dipped in ginger and scallion juice. In fact, there are many condiments for white cut chicken to dip in, such as onion sauce, sauce, etc., which are very special and have endless aftertaste.

Salt baked ginger onion

raw materials: 20g ginger, a little salt and sugar, 30g scallion, 1tsp salt baked chicken powder, 1tsp oil.


1, first of all, ginger peeled and scallion white wash, dry water.

2. Cut ginger, green onion and coriander into pieces and mix well.

3. Heat the ginger and scallion powder in the microwave oven for 30 seconds to make their fragrance float out. Then add salt, sugar and salted chicken to mix well.

4. Heat a teaspoon of oil in the last pot and pour it on the ginger and onion.

tips: if you like strong taste, you can add soy sauce, the taste is good.

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