Common sense of life: 42 super practical tips and skills of life experience


after being used for a long time, the towel will emit a strange smell and sticky. Usually people are used to washing with soap, but the more they wash, the more sticky they become. At this time, you can scrub with concentrated salt water (a towel can put a small spoon of fine salt), then scald it with warm water, scrub it again, and finally wash it with clean water. In this way, the towel does not smell strange and sticky. Also, if you want to restore the soft appearance of the towel, the best way is to add water and washing powder and boil it for 30 minutes.

2, how to prevent eating litchi on fire?

(1) people who like to eat litchi but are afraid of dryness and heat can drink more salt water or 20 & mdash while eating litchi& mdash; 30 grams of raw meat or pig bone soup to drink, or with jujube boiling water to drink, can prevent fire.

(2) the litchi peel can also be dipped into light salt water, and then put into the freezer to eat after ice, which not only won’t catch fire, but also can relieve stagnation and increase appetite. If you brew a cup of litchi tea fried with litchi leaves (dried in the sun), it may also relieve the stagnation and diarrhea caused by eating too many litchi. Litchi property warm and dry, yin deficiency fire is best to eat less (a best within 0.25 kg).

if you are suffering from acne, sores, colds or acute inflammation, it is not suitable to eat litchi, otherwise it will aggravate the disease, but the body deficiency cold, stomach cold is suitable to eat more. Everyone should pay attention to the delicious food and not eat too much. The body is the capital of the revolution.

3, easy to peel grapefruit skin tips

grapefruit delicious skin difficult to peel. Many people like to eat crisp grapefruit, because the skin is not easy to peel and give up delicious, is not our style! People are smart! You can solve this problem with a little skill! Next time, remember to put the grapefruit on a smooth hard table and rub it hard to make the grapefruit follow the table; Intimate contact;, Its skin and meat will be separated, at this time it is very easy to peel again.

4 How to make the new sheets soft?

due to the use of chemicals in the production process, no matter how many fibers the new sheet will bring a little hardness. To restore the maximum softness of the sheets, wash them with hot water and 1 / 4 cup less detergent than usual. Add a cup of white vinegar to wash off the residual chemicals during the washing process. Finally, rinse them again to ensure that they are clean. Then dry them with moderate to moderate strength. Take them out immediately after they are dry.

5, spring and summer mosquito repellent tips

(1) put a few boxes of open cover essential balm and cool oil in the room, or apply mint on the wall; Sprinkle some perfume on your body or pillow. Grind camphor balls and scatter them in the corner of the house; Plant one or two tomatoes in an indoor flowerpot. The smell of tomato leaves will drive away mosquitoes.

(2) if you hang a handful of chives under the lamp or pack a few pieces of chives in a gauze bag, all kinds of insects will not come; Cover the bulb with orange cellophane or silk cloth. Mosquitoes are most afraid of orange light.

6, summer glasses antiskid magic method

, summer sweats a lot, glasses are easy to slide down, can use two rubber bands, respectively wrapped in the glasses leg bending place, and then put on try, the rubber band winding position to the frame and ear joint slightly back, the rubber band function is to increase the friction of the contact part, So the glasses don’t slide down.

11, 17 magical uses of toothpaste

(1) to remove the tea dirt and coffee stains left in Enamel Tea Cup, you can apply toothpaste on the inner wall of the cup and scrub it repeatedly, and it will be as bright as before in a moment.

(2) it is easy to leave rust and scale under the faucet. Apply toothpaste to scrub it, and it can be cleaned up quickly.

(3) when writing pen words, if you write wrong words, wipe some toothpaste to clean them; If the electric iron is used for a long time, a layer of rust will be left at the bottom, which can be smeared on the bottom of the electric iron.

(4) a little toothpaste can be removed by gently wiping.

(5) if the silver ware is not used for a long time, a black oxide layer will appear on the surface. As long as it is wiped with toothpaste, it will become silvery white and bright.

(6) if the clothes are stained with animal and plant oil, squeeze some toothpaste and apply it on them. Rub it lightly for several times, and then wash it with clean water. The oil dirt can be removed.

(7) when polishing shoes, wipe a little toothpaste and shoe polish to make shoes brighter.

(8) after washing the fish, will always leave a fishy smell on the hands that is difficult to remove. First wash the hands with soap, and then rub them with toothpaste repeatedly. After washing with water, the fishy smell will be easy to remove.

(9) the reflector of a flashlight turns black for a long time. You can make it as bright as new by rubbing it with a little toothpaste on a spinning cloth.

(10) can remove scratches on watch surface. Apply a little toothpaste on the watch surface and wipe it repeatedly with a soft cloth to remove the fine scratches.

(11) remove stains on the mirror of the wardrobe. Use a flannelette to wipe with toothpaste, and the stain will be removed immediately.

(12) if the ink on the clothes is not big, it can be removed by rubbing the toothpaste repeatedly and washing with water.

(13) pasted with toothpaste, which is firm and does not damage the wall. If you want to take it off, you can easily take it off as long as you wet the post with water.

(14) wipe the surface of stainless steel vessels with toothpaste to make them as bright as new. If there are naughty children at home, they will graffiti on carpets, walls, sofas or doors if they don’t pay attention. Most of the crayons used by children are made of wax or grease. Therefore, as long as you use a wet cloth with toothpaste, you can remove graffiti.

(15) when stewing, it often spills out of the pot and pollutes the stove. At this time, soak the dishcloth in hot water and screw the back cover on the coke scale of the stove to keep it stuffy for a while. Soon, the scale will soften and float. After that, just use nylon dishcloth dipped in toothpaste to brush away the dirt, and then use a rag to clean it.

(16) when eating grapes, first take scissors to cut the root part, so that it retains the complete particles, and soak in diluted salt water to achieve the effect of bacteria elimination. There is still a layer of white film left on the surface of washed grapes. You can squeeze some toothpaste, put the grapes between the palms, gently rub them, after water, the grapes will be completely crystal clear, and eat more at ease!

12, how to remove toilet odor in summer

open the cover of a box of cool oil and put it in the lower corner of the toilet to remove the odor. And a box of cool oil can be used for 2 & mdash& mdash; 3 months, economical and practical. The match can also be lit in the toilet. The phosphorus content of the match can effectively remove the odor in the toilet after burning, but it should be carried out under the condition of ensuring safety.

13 According to expert verification, kitchen fume has a direct relationship with the temperature of cooking oil: when the oil is heated above 200 ℃, acrolein, the main component of cooking fume, is produced, which has a strong pungent taste and is harmful to the nose, nose and nose The mucous membrane of eye and throat has strong stimulation, which can cause rhinitis, laryngitis, tracheitis and other respiratory diseases; When the oil burns to & lt; Spit out fire & quot; When the oil temperature exceeds 300 ℃, in addition to the production of acrolein, it will also produce aggregates, which will lead to chronic poisoning and easily induce cancer of respiratory and digestive systems.

(1) change & lt; Stir fry in a hurry; My cooking habits. Don’t overheat the oil, and don’t let the oil temperature exceed 200 ℃ (with the oil pan smoking as the limit), which can not only reduce & lt; Lampblack syndrome;, The vitamins in the next pot can also be effectively preserved.

(2) it’s better not to use the cooking oil repeatedly. Some housewives in order to save some oil, fried fish, fried spareribs used oil repeated use does not give up, but it also contains a lot of carcinogens. Repeatedly heated cooking oil, such as cooking oil used for frying food for many times, not only contains carcinogens in itself, but also produces more carcinogens and more harm.

(3) the kitchen must be well ventilated. The kitchen should always maintain natural ventilation, and install range hood with good performance and effect. In the cooking process, always turn on the range hood and turn off the range hood 10 minutes after cooking.

14, water heater waterproof small points

(1) after the water heater (gas water heater, electric water heater) is used, turn off the gas or power, and then open the tap water valve, let the cold water pass through the circulating water pipe (water storage tank) for about 10 seconds, so that the hot water and water vapor in the heat exchange pipe can be discharged, In this way, the circulating water pipe (water storage tank) will not scale, and the components can be cooled in time to prolong the service life.

because the hot water left in the circulating water pipe or water storage tank is easy to precipitate and produce scale, which is not easy to eliminate. The scale thickening over time is bound to cause poor drainage.

(2) adjust the temperature to 50 & mdash& mdash; When the water temperature exceeds 85 ℃, the scale formation will be intensified.

15, tips for removing cigarette dirt on fingers

the most effective method is suitable for lemon juice scrubbing. At first, the effect is not significant, but after patiently scrubbing, the color will gradually fade. If it still doesn’t work, add a little hydrogen peroxide to the lemon juice, and the effect will come out.

16, how to grind the electric razor

if the electric razor used for a period of time is not so fast, you can find a small grinding wheel for sawing royal jelly bottle, grind the inner surface of the electric razor net cover (the contact surface with the blade) along the rotation direction of the motor for a few minutes, and then apply a thin layer of lubricating oil on the net cover, shaving will be much faster after installation.


(1) deodorizes plastic containers. The plastic container used to hold food is usually miscellaneous, and it is easy to smell or even stink. In this case, tomato juice can be used to deodorize. The method is to pour some tomato juice on the sponge, and then wipe the tomato juice on the inside of the container with the sponge.

, then clean the container and cover with warm water added with detergent, wash with clean water, and then put it in a cool and ventilated place for natural air drying. Two days later, the stink in the plastic container will be gone and ready to be reused.

(2) remove the odor in the refrigerator. Have you ever had such experience that the food in the refrigerator gets bad and has bad smell due to power failure? Try tomato juice to get rid of the rotten smell in the refrigerator. First, dispose of the rotten food, and then use a sponge or dishcloth soaked in tomato juice,

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