Common sense of life in home

Household essential life common sense

household essential life common sense

1, washing Neckline:

sprinkle some salt on the neckline, gently knead, and then rinse the salt with water. Because human sweat contains protein, which can not be dissolved in water, but can be dissolved quickly in salt.

2, pots, cups, cups and other porcelains, such as tea stains, oil stains, water stains and so on:

can be removed by soaking lemon peel with a bowl of warm water for 4 or 5 hours. It can also be washed clean with vinegar and salt.

3, egg white sticky and small porcelain, glass products:

small porcelain and glass products such as broken, can be coated with egg white two fracture surface, after the joint wipe away the excess egg white around, after half an hour, the fracture part can be completely sticky. After one or two days of storage, the sticking point will not break even if it is rubbed by a large external force.

4. Identify the quality of canned food:

. After cooking, the water in the canned food turns into steam. After sealing and cooling, the steam condenses into water. The air inside the can becomes thinner, and the atmosphere outside will compress the top of the can. Therefore, the top of a good can is not flat, but slightly concave, The top will protrude.

5, fried fish do not stick to the pot:

wash the pot, wipe it dry, heat it, then add oil, and then turn the pot around, so that there is oil everywhere in the pot. You don’t stick to the pan when you fry fish. Save fried steamed bread: first prepare a bowl of cold water, slice the steamed bread. When frying, soak the steamed bread slices with water, and then immediately put them into the pot for frying. In this way, the steamed bread will be golden in color, yellow outside and tender inside, delicious and oil-saving.

6. Anti fogging of glasses:

. When it is cold, the glasses are easy to fog when they are hot, which makes people unable to see. Use semi dry soapy soil to wipe both sides of the lens, and then wipe evenly. With this method, even if you take a bath in the bathroom, the lens will not have fog.

7, old photos become new:

if the photos are old or dirty, they will be the same as the new ones if they are rubbed with cotton dipped in alcohol.

8, the magic of beer:

(1) use beer to pour flour on meat slices or shredded meat, fried meat is tender and delicious, especially use this method to cook beef, the effect is better.

(2) beer can increase the taste of cold tea. Soak the vegetables in the beer for a while, take out the wine as soon as it boils, and then add some seasoning.

(3) when mixing flour with beer in water, the pancakes are crisp and fragrant.

(4) the bread is easy to bake and has a nearly meat flavor by mixing proper amount of beer into the dough.

(5) when making fatter meat or fish with more fat, adding a glass of beer can eliminate the greasy taste and taste very refreshing.

(6) the smell of chicken can be removed by immersing chicken in salt, pepper and beer for 1-2 hours.

9, the magic of watermelon skin:

(1) cut the green skin, cut it into small squares or filaments, add salt, soy sauce, sugar and other seasonings, stir fry with pepper, crisp, sweet and delicious.

(2) peel the melon and cut it into small pieces or strips, boil them in water, and then add tomatoes, eggs and some soup. It not only tastes good and looks bright, but also can eliminate diuresis.

(3) cut the peeled melon skin into slender strips, marinate it with salt for 2-3 hours, drain out the salt water, and then stir it with soy sauce, vinegar or sesame oil.

(4) peel the peeled melon, cut it into thin slices, put it in a bowl, spread ham slices on top, add seasoning, and steam it in a pot. It tastes delicious and fragrant.

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