Compliance with these guidelines helps to reduce the risk of cancer

Adherence to these guidelines can help reduce cancer risk.

adherence to these guidelines will help reduce cancer risk.

limit alcohol

. There is evidence that all types of alcoholic beverages can increase your risk of breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and its cancer. If you must drink alcohol, you must limit the amount of alcohol you can drink. Women can’t drink more than one drink a day, and men can’t drink more than two. Eating more fruits and vegetables, including beans, can help reduce the risk of some cancers. Half of every meal should be filled with colorful fruits and vegetables.

eat less high calorie, high-fat, low nutrition food

add sugar and high-fat food will lead to weight gain, and will occupy most of the space, to more healthy, cancer prevention food left space will be very small, you can still enjoy your favorite food, just can eat a small amount of high calorie food.

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