Constipation can not only rely on banana honey

constipation is not refreshing to listen to. However, there are too many constipation partners nowadays, regardless of age, men and women, who may be suffering from constipation silently. How can a person with a bright appearance know the pain of others in the toilet? Some small partners may not think so, think constipation ah, eat more honey, banana is good, but eat honey, banana really can solve constipation problem? Let Xiaobian take you out of the misunderstanding of constipation.

constipation is not a disease, no need to see a doctor?

many friends should have experienced the pain of suffocating in the toilet for half an hour, and those friends who suffer from constipation all the year round are the most painful time in their memory when they go to the toilet. Although many people suffer from it deeply, they all think that constipation is not a disease, so they don’t need to go to a doctor, so they can endure it.

in fact, chronic constipation is harmful to human body. For example, constipation will make a lot of harmful toxins precipitate in the body, easy to produce acne, facial pigmentation, rash, etc; May also lead to large intestine edema, leading to lower body blood circulation slow down, easy to form pear shaped body and fat stomach; It may also cause bad breath and body odor; May be complicated with anorectal disease, such as hemorrhoids, anal fissure, rectal prolapse and colonic diverticulum, constipation greatly affects our healthy life, friends must pay attention to it!

44555 use laxatives if defecation is not smooth?

many people think of taking laxatives when they are constipated, or buying some laxatives or bowel moistening tea. Experts said that long-term use or abuse of irritant laxatives, non-standard use of traditional Chinese medicine or health care products, prone to laxative dependence or melanosis coli.

taking irritant laxatives for a long time is like drinking poison to quench thirst. Although it can relieve symptoms for a short time, it does more harm. So for the treatment of chronic constipation, in addition to improving symptoms, but also to establish a normal bowel defecation function, can not always rely on laxatives to achieve defecation. In order to relieve constipation at the same time, we must build the normal bowel function, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of spontaneous defecation.

44555 banana, honey can solve constipation?

in fact, there are many reasons for constipation. Some patients who suffer from constipation due to diabetes may eat more blood sugar, which may cause greater impact on the body. Therefore, it is not recommended to use “banana therapy” in patients with constipation. In addition, bananas should also be “divided into two”: Generally speaking, mature bananas may have the effect of moistening intestines and defecating, while raw bananas have the opposite effect, not only can they not defecate, but also have the possibility of convergence.

some elderly patients with constipation often eat honey to relieve constipation. It should be noted that if a large amount of honey is taken at one time, it may cause abdominal distension and reduce appetite, which is very inappropriate for old friends. So the right amount of mature banana, honey can alleviate constipation symptoms, but can not cure.

44555 can eating fruits and vegetables eliminate constipation?

when it comes to constipation, many people will be advised to eat more vegetables and fruits. Although increasing some dietary fiber and eating fruits and vegetables can help defecate to a certain extent, why is it sometimes “only in but not out”? Because normal gastrointestinal movement must have two functions: one is normal gastrointestinal peristalsis; The second is the normal defecation, that is, there must be a coordinated action before it can be discharged. In fact, most of chronic constipation has gastrointestinal motility disorder, so the recovery of gastrointestinal motility is the key to the treatment of chronic constipation.

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