Correct method of cleaning glasses learn how to clean tips can protect eyes

nearsighted people should always wear glasses, there will be a lot of dust at the end of the day, if not cleaned in time, in addition to affect the appearance, if not cleaned in time for a long time, it will affect the vision.

At this time, most people’s choice is to put a breath on the glasses, take out the cloth, or even wipe it with their clothes. But this will make the dust scratch glasses, long-term use of cloth glasses, will cause lens wear, affect the line of sight, a long time will deepen vision, bad for the eyes.

the correct way to wash glasses is to use detergent or soap water.

1、 Detergent method for cleaning glasses

after scrubbing with detergent, rinse off with clean water. This is the way to wash glasses. Otherwise, some people will use those lens washing machines, but this is not realistic.

Pour detergent on glasses

Rinse glasses with water

after washing the glasses, use a paper towel to slightly absorb the water on the surface.

Afterwards, the washed glasses were wrapped with glasses cloth. After the water on the glasses was absorbed, the reporter found that the glasses were very clear and bright, and there were no scratches on the lenses.

experimental conclusion

direct dry rub, certainly not. The hardness of organic materials is relatively low, and it is easier to produce scratches. Through the microscope, we can observe that there are mainly two kinds of scratches on the surface of the lens. One is the scratch caused by gravel, which is shallow and small, and is not easy for the wearer to detect; The other is the scratch caused by the larger gravel, deep and rough around, in the central area will affect vision.

rinse with water. Water can wash off the general dust, but can not remove the oil stains and fingerprints on the surface of the coating. If you don’t wipe it, it will affect your vision. If you wipe it, you still can’t clear it, it will also affect your vision. With household detergent or hand sanitizer, they can remove the oil stains attached to the coating layer. After cleaning and drying, the glasses are very clean.

expert reminder

& lt; The main function of the eyeglass cloth is to wrap the eyeglasses to play a buffer role and effectively prevent the collision or the scratch damage of sharp and hard objects. Absorb the moisture attached to the frame and keep the lens dry& rdquo; The owner of a low-cost optical shop said, & lt; Most of the spectacle cloth is given to consumers as a gift, so the cost is very low. Its fiber gap is large, with time will accumulate a lot of dust, so using such a cloth to wipe glasses will only backfire, the more blurred& rdquo;

, however, as the detergent is aimed at the washing of tableware and other non delicate items, some of the chemical components contained in it have a strong corrosive effect on the coating layer. Over a long period of time, it will penetrate into the internal reflection film and cause the coating layer to fall off& ldquo; So it’s better to clean the glasses with clean water or special cleaning solution& rdquo;


but some people may ignore one point, that is, the nose bracket, some glasses are locked with screws, there is gray layer and water, it is easy to have green dirty things, it is necessary to take them out to wash when there is time, otherwise this dirty will breed bacteria. 2. Soap method for cleaning glasses

the glasses we often wear are dirty. We just need to apply some soap on the eyeglasses to make them clean without fogging!

Other cleaning methods:

1 Tap water cleaning

for coated lenses, you can directly wash them with tap water, and then dry them with a clean eyeglass cloth. If there are oil stains on the glasses, you can squeeze some detergent to clean the lenses. After washing, do not wipe back and forth, directly dry. For the fine seam cleaning of the spectacle frame, you can use a soft toothbrush to gently brush the dust dirt.

, spray cleaner

cleaner and more effective way is to buy a bottle of professional glasses cleaning spray to the eyeglasses store, spray the spray directly on both sides of the spectacles, then wipe it carefully with fingers, then dry it.

3 Ultrasonic cleaning

regular optical shop has ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning is very clean and thorough, this kind of cleaning frequency is not too frequent, cleaning once every two weeks.

4, professional glasses wipe paper

is more convenient, simple, do not need washing, tear can be used, and is an independent packaging, can be carried around, for the lens stains, oil stains, dust can be quickly removed.

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