Cucumber has 13 taboo collocations. Do you know that

many people like to eat cucumber very much. Although cucumber is good, you should also pay attention to how to eat it. The collocation of cucumber and some foods can cause physical discomfort. Let’s take a look with Xiaobian now!

cucumber taboo collocation

1, tomato

, often see someone eat a cucumber, eat a tomato; Or there’s already a plate on the table; Scrambled eggs with tomatoes;, Another dish & lt; Fried meat with cucumber;, It’s not right to eat like this. Because cucumber contains a vitamin C decomposing enzyme, it will destroy vitamin C in other vegetables. Tomato is a typical vegetable rich in vitamin C. if we eat them together, the vitamin C we take from tomato will be destroyed by the decomposing enzymes in cucumber, which will not achieve the effect of nutrition supplement at all.

2, cabbage

what can’t cucumber eat with? Cabbage is one of them, because eating both can affect the absorption of vitamin C.

3, pepper

cucumber can not be eaten with pepper. Capsicum is rich in vitamin C, about 198 mg per 100 g. Cucumber contains vitamin C decomposing enzyme, which does not lose its activity when it is eaten raw. If it is eaten together, the vitamin C in pepper will be destroyed and the nutritional value will be reduced.

4 and celery

cucumber contain vitamin C decomposing enzyme. If they are eaten raw together with celery, their vitamins will be destroyed to varying degrees, so their nutritional components will be greatly reduced.

5, loquat

cucumber contains vitamin C decomposing enzyme. If you eat with loquat, the vitamin C in loquat will be destroyed and lose its nutritional value.

6, cauliflower

cucumber and cauliflower phase, cauliflower vitamin C content is also rich, about 88 mg per 100 g, if you eat with cucumber, cauliflower vitamin C will be destroyed by cucumber vitamin C decomposition enzyme, so it is not suitable to stir fry or eat with.

7, peanut

, cucumber diced, mixed with boiled peanuts, as a refreshing cold dish, is often used. In fact, it’s not very appropriate. Because the combination of these two foods may cause diarrhea. Cucumbers are sweet and cold in nature, and are often eaten raw, while peanuts are oily. Generally speaking, if the cold food meets with oil, it will increase its smoothness and may cause diarrhea.

8, Pakchoi

the vitamin C content in spinach is 90 mg / 100g, Pakchoi is 60 mg / 100g. They are not suitable to be eaten with cucumber, otherwise, it will reduce the nutritional value.

9, citrus

, citrus also contains vitamin C, about 25 mg per 100 grams. When making western salad, sometimes it is also accompanied by cucumber, jasper and golden, with gorgeous color. However, vitamin C in orange is mostly destroyed by the decomposing enzymes in cucumber.

10, Rosa laevigata

, Rosa laevigata should not eat cucumber, because it will cause physical discomfort.

11, Chinese yam

. Chinese yam and cucumber are not suitable to eat together. Cucumber contains vitamin C decomposing enzyme. If Chinese yam is eaten together, vitamin C will be broken down.

12, coriander

and cucumber contain vitamin C decomposing enzymes, which can destroy vitamin C in other foods. Coriander is a food with high vitamin C content. If it is eaten with cucumber at the same time, vitamin C in coriander will be destroyed and lose its original nutritional value.

13, Chinese toon

because cucumber contains vitamin C decomposing enzyme, it will destroy the vitamin C in Chinese toon, affect the absorption of vitamin C by human body, and greatly reduce the nutrition, so Chinese toon and cucumber are not suitable to eat together.

cucumber with the best

1, Auricularia auricula

cucumber with Auricularia auricula, detoxification, weight loss effect is good: the propanedioic acid in cucumber can inhibit the body sugar into fat, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss. Auricularia auricula is rich in a variety of nutrients, known as & lt; Meat in meat & quot;. The plant gum in Auricularia auricula has strong adsorption capacity. It can absorb some impurities in the human digestive system, and then discharge them out of the body, so as to play the role of detoxification and bowel clearing. The combination of the two can achieve the effect of reducing weight, nourishing and strengthening, harmonizing blood and balancing nutrition.

2, bean curd

cucumber with bean curd, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, Runzao Pingwei: bean curd has the highest protein content in plant food, and its protein is easy to be digested and absorbed by human body, so it is an ideal food for people with lower gastrointestinal digestive function. Bean curd is cold in nature and contains few carbohydrates. It has the functions of controlling body and moistening dryness and calming fire. Cucumber with sweet and cold taste has the functions of clearing heat and diuresis, relieving exterior, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, nourishing lung and promoting body fluid, moistening dryness and calming stomach, clearing heat and dispersing blood, etc.

warm reminder: many women like to use cucumber slices on their face, in fact, this is improper. Because just cut off the appearance of cucumber slices will generate a dew like viscous substances, easy to tighten the skin, make the skin more dry wrinkle. The correct way is to apply cucumber juice. Before going to bed, take fresh cucumber juice, add milk and honey and mix well. After 20 minutes, wash it.

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