Daily food that helps to detoxify develop good living habits and eliminate toxins


first, kelp can remove cholesterol

kelp can reduce cholesterol and eliminate radioactive substances. This is because kelp contains a sulfated polysaccharide, which can remove the cholesterol attached to the blood vessel wall and keep the cholesterol content normal. Due to its high moisture content, alginate in kelp can form gelatinous substances in the intestinal tract. It helps to eliminate toxins, prevent the human body from absorbing heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, remove radioactive elements in the body, and prevent constipation and bowel cancer. Secondly, cauliflower can clean blood vessels

cauliflower is one of the most flavonoid containing foods. In addition to preventing infection, it is also a good blood vessel cleaner, which can prevent cholesterol oxidation, prevent platelet coagulation, and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Regular consumption of broccoli can enhance the ability of liver detoxification and prevent cold and septicemia.

third, mung bean can eliminate the body poison

traditional Chinese medicine believes that mung bean can detoxify, can help the body poison excretion, promote the body’s normal metabolism. Mung bean can detoxify alcoholism, wild bacteria, organophosphorus pesticides, erysipelas, etc. The skin of mung bean sprouts is called mung bean skin, which has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying and improving eyesight.

Fourth, pumpkin can remove heavy metals

edible pumpkin can effectively prevent hypertension, gallstones, diabetes and other liver and kidney diseases, enhance liver and kidney function, improve cell regeneration ability. Pumpkin is rich in pectin, which can delay the absorption of sugar and fat in the intestine, remove heavy metals and some pesticides in the body, and has anti-cancer and anti-virus effects.

fifth, spinach cleaning stomach heat

spinach can clean the heat of the human stomach, prevent constipation. Spinach leaves contain insulin-like substances, which can keep blood sugar stable. Vitamin rich spinach can prevent vitamin deficiency, such as angular stomatitis and night blindness. Spinach also contains a lot of antioxidants, which have the effect of anti-aging and promoting cell proliferation.

sixth, eating carrots can eliminate free radicals.

potassium succinate in carrots helps to prevent vascular sclerosis and reduce cholesterol. Carotene in carrots can remove free radicals that lead to human aging, B vitamins and vitamin C in nutrition also have the effect of moisturizing and anti-aging.women eating carrots can also reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer.

in short, in addition to the above foods, you can also eat more black fungus, which can remove the impurities in the human digestive system and play the role of clearing stomach and intestines. You can also eat more garlic, which has the effect of improving liver detoxification and preventing the synthesis of nitrosamine carcinogens. Therefore, we often eat vegetables, has a great detoxification, and often eat vegetables can not only detoxify, but also simple, no side effects.

living habits


1 The liver is an important detoxification organ. After a series of chemical reactions in the liver, various toxins become non-toxic or low toxic substances. People in the daily diet can eat carrots, garlic, grapes, figs and so on to help the liver detoxification.

2 and

the kidney is an important organ for detoxification. It filters toxins in blood and wastes produced after protein decomposition, and excretes them out of the body through urine. Cucumbers, cherries and other fruits and vegetables are helpful for kidney detoxification.

3, Runchang Paidu

intestinal tract can quickly remove toxins, but if indigestion, it will cause toxins to stay in the intestinal tract, be re absorbed, and cause great harm to health. Konjac, black fungus, kelp, pig blood, apple, strawberry, honey, brown rice and many other foods can help the digestive system detoxification.

4 Drink more water in the intestines, especially in the large intestine where feces accumulate. Drinking more water can promote metabolism, shorten the retention time of feces in the intestines, reduce the absorption of toxins, and dissolve water-soluble toxins. It’s best to drink a cup of warm water on an empty stomach every morning. In addition, drinking water in the morning can reduce blood viscosity and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

5, two days a week to eat vegetarian, give the stomach a chance to rest

because too much greasy or irritating food, will produce a lot of toxins in the metabolism, resulting in a huge burden on the stomach.

6, eat more fresh and organic food

, eat more fresh and organic food, eat less processed food, fast food and cool drinks, because they contain more preservatives and pigments.

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