Daily use of rice washing water: washing face with rice washing water can help relieve skin itching

don’t pour out the water used to wash rice in daily cooking, because if you know how to make good use of it, it can be used as a home and an individual, If you often use bleach, it will also cause damage to clothes. It is recommended to soak the white clothes in rice washing water for about 13 minutes, and then scrub the clothes again. If there are any marks, you can scrub them with soap. Finally, wash the clothes with clean water and dry them.

[. Finally, when the floor is naturally dry or can be wiped with a dry towel for many times, the floor will become bright, just like natural wax.

[. First pour rice washing water into the bottle, half full, and then seal the bottle with plastic film. Then, shake the bottle hard, pour out the rice washing water after a few minutes, and clean the outside of the bottle, then rinse it with clean water, and dry it or air it. This method is especially effective for removing oil scale.


Instead of fertilizer

, rice washing water containing a lot of carbohydrates and fatty substances can be poured on plants instead of fertilizer. However, for small potted plants, the rice washing water needs to be slightly diluted, and it should be diluted before watering.

[. Among them, the dissolved rice nutrition has the skin care effect of acne removing, moisturizing and whitening, which can decompose the oil on the face, dilute the pigment and prevent the appearance of fat particles. When washing rice every day, leave the water for washing rice for the second time. After sedimentation, take the clear water above and add about 1.5 times warm water to wash your face.

help relieve skin itching

after boiling with rice washing water and salt for 15 minutes, cool to 40 ℃, can be used to wash or rub on the itchy skin, once in the morning and once in the evening, 1 to 3 minutes each time, help relieve mild skin itching.

[. In addition, newly bought kitchen knives, spatulas and iron cookers can also be immersed in thick rice washing water after use to prevent rusting.

Remove the smell of paint

if the newly bought furniture has just been painted and has a strong taste, you can add a little vinegar into the rice washing water and dip the mixture in a dry soft cloth, Use this cloth to wipe off the smell of paint.

[. It is suggested to soak the chopping board in rice washing water for a period of time, and then wash it with salt. Finally, rinse it with hot water, and the smell on the cutting board can be eliminated. In addition, just bought meat may also be stained with dust and other dirt, water alone is not clean. If you use hot rice water to wash twice, and then clean water to wash again, dirt can be cleaned.


[. Put the towel in the rice washing water, soak it in high temperature for 10 minutes, and then wash it. The towel will become as clean and soft as the new one.

The medicinal value of rice washing water is

. Qinghuo

rice washing water contains certain protein, vitamins and trace elements, especially the first or second time rice washing water contains potassium. The pH value of rice washing water is about 5.5, After adding salt into medicine, it has the effect of clearing fire, cooling blood and detoxifying.

take care of the spleen and stomach

research found that rice washing water contains protein, starch, minerals and other nutrients, which can be used to wash the face, moisten the skin, and drink after boiling. It is helpful to protect the gastric mucosa, eliminate food accumulation and improve dyspepsia. Traditional Chinese medicine also tries to stir fry traditional Chinese medicine with rice washing water as a prescription for nourishing the spleen and stomach.

whitening and beautifying

rice washing water is rich in cereals, which is the nutrients needed by the skin. Washing the face with rice washing water can whiten and beautify the skin. The steps are as follows: 1. Put the white rice into the rice washing appliance, then pour in the tap water to wash it first, gently scrub it, then pour out the water, and then wash it again, leaving the rice washing water for the second time; 2. Leave the rice washing water overnight. After sedimentation, it will leave milky white rice washing water. Then add about 1.5 times warm water to wash your face directly. It will feel silky smooth.

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