Dental floss can’t be reused

dental floss can help us clean the food residue in the teeth more than toothpick, and the damage to the teeth is relatively small. So how to floss? Let’s talk about floss.

The correct use of dental floss

our daily use of ordinary dental floss is generally installed in a small round box with roller, dental floss wound on the roller, when using, it can be easily pulled out, it is easy to carry at any time.

first, pull out a section of dental floss. The specific length is subject to the feeling that it is suitable for use. Generally, the length required on the dental floss box is too long, which wastes a large part.

secondly, wrap the two ends of the floss around the index fingers of both hands. If you think it’s troublesome, you can directly hold the two ends of the floss with your fingers, but it’s easy to loosen, but it doesn’t matter if you loosen it. Just pick it up again.

finally, straighten the pressing thread with both hands, then slowly put it into the gap between the teeth (you can slide it down left and right), and gently put it at the bottom of the gap between the teeth. At this time, it begins to pull out towards one side of the tooth. After removing the impurities, then operate the other side of the tooth in the same way. In this way, it is repeatedly used between other teeth.

Notes on flossing

although floss in daily life < A Waxy and non waxy dental floss

some dentists like waxy dental floss. They think that the friction is relatively high, which helps to clean dental calculus and plaque. In fact, there is no significant difference between waxy and non waxy dental floss, and the effect of waxy dental floss is only slightly better. On the other hand, some people have found that waxy floss moves more easily between teeth than non waxy floss.

2, Teflon floss

this type of floss is fast and easy to use. Because it’s made of Teflon, which means it won’t stick between your teeth, it’s very easy to move.

3, banded floss

, which is thicker than the conventional type of floss, mainly used in the case of large tooth space. It is an ideal new dental floss. It’s also smooth and slides smoothly between the teeth.

4, vibrating floss

, vibrating floss is easy to use and has additional advantages But they are also more expensive than other traditional floss.

5, dental floss with rod

this kind of dental floss is made of nylon, and the use method is the same as any other kind of dental floss. The difference is that you don’t have to wrap a stick around your hand. In addition, it is more convenient to pass through the space of arch wire teeth when orthodontic.

6, flavoring floss and tasteless floss

some floss added flavoring agent, such as mint, fruit flavor. It tastes good and pleasant to use. There is also a kind of dental floss with fluoride, which can prevent tooth decay.

2. When should dental floss be used?

so when should dental floss be used? Generally, we recommend to use dental floss after meals. However, in the daytime, many people are studying or going to work, and there are fewer opportunities. Therefore, it is the best choice after dinner and before going to bed. It is better to look in the mirror (clean and clean). Remember to gargle after flossing.

How to choose dental floss?

dental floss is made of nylon floss, silk floss or polyester floss. It is a kind of tooth cleaning product. It is very effective to use nylon thread, silk thread or polyester thread to clean dental plaque, especially for flat or convex tooth surface.

to clean teeth. Many people are used to flossing. When choosing dental floss, it is better not to choose fork shaped dental floss. This kind of dental floss is short and difficult to enter into the periodontal pocket, and it can only clean one tooth, which is relatively wasteful. It is best to choose the dental floss rolled into a shaft, which can be pulled at will, or the arch line.

the choice of dental floss should vary from person to person. If the gums are prone to fire or breath, you can choose to add mint or other spices dental floss, or add fluoride and other antibacterial ingredients dental floss, which can resist bacteria and inflammation; If the floss is worn out or torn into thin strips, waxed floss can be used; For those who don’t know how to floss by hand, you can choose a small floss rack.

in addition, when flossing, each tooth surface should be scraped up and down 4-6 times until the tooth surface is clean. After use, be sure to gargle to remove the remaining plaque and food residue. Of course, don’t floss too much to avoid damaging the gums.

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