Different constitutions should choose different bottom of the pot

Different constitutions should choose different pot bottoms

different constitutions should choose different pot bottoms

Qi deficiency constitutions

body performance: poor adaptability to the environment, a change in weather easy to catch a cold, pale face.

healthy pot bottom: the easiest way is to buy qingbuliang to make a clear soup pot bottom. You can also use Astragalus, dangshen, Huaishan, medlar to make a pot bottom. If possible, you can also use fresh ginseng.

side dishes: Meat: chicken. Green vegetables: lettuce and lettuce with mild nature. If it is served with watercress, it is suggested to cook it a little bit to dispel the cold.

Yang deficiency constitution

physical performance: usually afraid of cold and warm, limbs tired, the most typical is light tongue, tooth marks on the tongue.

health pot bottom: Morinda officinalis, FuPan, medlar, jujube and clear soup.

side dishes: Meat: chicken or mutton with warm tonic is recommended. Green vegetables: chrysanthemum, leek and onion, if you eat cold milk cabbage, you can add ginger to cool.

Yin deficiency constitution

physical performance: the individual is thin, the face is dull, often thirsty, dry throat, easy to insomnia, dizziness.

health pot bottom: Huaishan, Yuzhu, Shashen, medlar and clear soup.

side dishes: Meat: fish or turtle, nourishing yin. Green vegetables: mustard, radish, lotus root, lettuce, celery, such bitter vegetables can play the role of nourishing yin and reducing fire.

dampness and heat constitution

physical performance: relatively strong, ruddy complexion, heavy body smell, irritable.

health pot bottom: Coix, white lentils, red beans, good dehumidification effect.

side dishes: Meat: old duck or water duck. Green vegetables: konjac tofu (high cellulose, low energy, can remove phlegm and dampness), Huaishan, soybean sprouts, watercress.

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