Different herbal teas can keep you healthy

different herbal teas can keep you healthy

traditional Chinese medicine can be divided into cold and heat, and people’s constitution can also be divided into cold and heat. If you can’t tell your constitution from your current physical condition, choosing herbal tea indiscriminately can’t relieve the symptoms, or even has the opposite effect. Therefore, when choosing herbal tea, female friends should first distinguish their constitution.

1, noon tea

Atractylodes lancea, tangerine peel, Agastache rugosa, licorice, Fangfeng, forsythia, bupleurum, Peucedanum, notopterygium, Fructus aurantii, hawthorn, chuanqiong, Shenqu, Angelica dahurica, malt, Platycodon grandiflorum, Magnolia officinalis, green tea, perilla leaf. This tea is a patent medicine, and its properties are dark Brown tea pieces. Use 1 ~ 2 pieces each time, 2 ~ 3 bowls of water, fry until 1 bowl is drunk. It can relieve heat, relieve thirst, and stimulate appetite. Should avoid: this tea can eliminate accumulation stagnation and disperse Qi, which can enhance intestinal peristalsis. Pregnant women should use it with caution.

2, kudzu tea

cut fresh kudzu root into small pieces and fry in 5-6 bowls of water until one bowl is drunk. It has the effects of relieving muscle pain, dissipating heat and relieving thirst. Taboo: this tea needs to be fried in open fire for a long time. Generally, it needs to be boiled for more than 1 hour. If the boiling time is not enough, the effect will be reduced.

3 and Sanhua Qingliang tea

the medicinal tea is composed of three kinds of flowers, namely Chrysanthemum morifolium, wild chrysanthemum and honeysuckle, which can be purchased in supermarkets. The medicinal tea has the effects of clearing away heat and toxin, calming liver and improving eyesight, and is suitable for women to drink.

4, Mingmu tea

modern people can not do without a computer, and staring at the computer screen for a long time, eyes are easy to fatigue. At this time, might as well drink with wolfberry, chrysanthemum, sun dried ginseng and other medicinal tea, can effectively alleviate eye fatigue.

5 and lihou Qingyan tea

are composed of xiqingguo, Shegan, Ophiopogon japonicus and Scutellaria baicalensis. They have the functions of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, lihou Qingyan. Especially due to busy work; Get angry & quot; This kind of tea is worth recommending.

6 and Yangyan tea

are composed of Ganoderma lucidum, polygonatum odoratum, Ophiopogon japonicum, etc. they have the effects of nourishing yin and promoting fluid, tranquilizing the mind and strengthening the stomach. The formula can be found in pharmacies.

7, chrysanthemum silver tea

, white chrysanthemum 6 g, Apocynum 4 g, cassia seed 2 g, Huaimi 2 g, honeysuckle 2 g. Put it into the pot, pour in clean water, boil over high heat for 8-10 minutes, then drink. It can eliminate heat, clear away heat and toxin, reduce weight and lipid.

8 and wheat tea

have ingredients and effects matching summer, such as vitamin B and vitamin E, which can buffer body fatigue; Potassium and iron are very effective in preventing anemia and heatstroke. In addition, wheat tea has the effect of lowering body temperature, so it is considered to be the most suitable high nutritional drink in summer. It is especially suitable for women.

9, xiaoshuyangyin tea

take wolfberry, Schisandra each 12g, licorice 9g, wash and put into the pot, add water, boil for 10 minutes, add Mint 9g, cover off the fire, 5 minutes later add appropriate amount of sugar, stir well, then drink. This tea can replenish qi and nourish yin, and cure heat stroke and internal heat. For white-collar workers who have been sitting in the office for a long time, it’s also troublesome to boil herbal tea. You can buy roses at the drugstore. Take about 10g each time, remove the pedicel, add a little tea, brew for 10 minutes, and then add a little rock sugar when it’s convenient. It has the effect of clearing heat, relieving summer heat and relieving depression.

10, tangerine peel tea

wash 10 grams of dried orange peel, tear it into small pieces, put it into a tea cup, rinse with boiling water, cover the cup and simmer for about 10 minutes, then remove the residue and put in a small amount of sugar. It’s better to chill in the refrigerator after it’s a little cold. Women often drink this tea, which can not only relieve heat, but also relieve cough, resolve phlegm and strengthen stomach.

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