Different people eat Guyuan ointment in different ways

Different people eat Guyuan paste in different ways. Different people eat Guyuan paste in different ways. Even if you take the same ingredients, the proportion of medicinal materials should be adjusted according to different constitutions, ages and genders.

in addition, black sesame, red jujube and walnut kernel in Guyuan paste are food and medicine. Many people think & lt; Medicine and food are of the same origin;, You can eat these foods casually, but eating indiscriminately is easy to cause fire, indigestion and other problems. In view of the paste sales confusion and the common people & lt; Keep up with the fashion & quot; Li Qiuyan put forward three suggestions on the psychology of taking the ointment.

first of all, take the cream must be & lt; Tailor to suit;, Don’t & lt; Everyone uses ointment& ldquo; Ten thousand people use one side;. Experts pointed out that the price gap of ointment prescriptions may be related to the proportion and quality of medicinal materials. In order to ensure the correct and safe choice of ointment prescriptions, patients should go to regular hospitals for treatment based on syndrome differentiation and choose according to their own conditions.

secondly, the ointment is mainly suitable for four kinds of people. 1. Only strengthen the physique or prevent disease; 2. People with weak constitution who often have cold and dizziness; 3. Patients with chronic diseases requiring long-term medication; 4. Patients in urgent need of physical recovery after operation. Healthy minors, people with damp heat, phlegm dampness constitution, patients with hepatitis, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases in active period, acute infection with fever, diarrhea, cold, sore throat, cough should not take ointment.

finally, avoid taking the cream during the period. Diet should avoid spicy, avoid greasy. When taking Buqi ointment containing ginseng, radish should be avoided; When taking the cream containing Radix Polygoni Multiflori, the blood products and iron of pigs and sheep should be avoided; Do not drink tea while taking tonic cream.

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