Different solutions to various problems of zipper

the zipper of clothes has been used for a long time, and the wear will cause the zipper not to pull or not to pull. Today, let’s share two small steps, the zipper can return to normal!

If the zipper lock is broken, you have to change it. If it’s not broken, stop according to the following steps: 6667

1.) first pull down the top tooth of the zipper with pliers, and both sides should pull it.

2.) then pull the zipper lock to the top.

3.) and then merge the two teeth together.

4.) and then put the zipper lock in (there is a certain difficulty, because the diameter line of the metal zipper is relatively thick. If you can’t really put it in, cut a small hole in the diameter line. Remember, don’t cut it in the center of the big tooth, you should rely on the top center, otherwise the big tooth won’t fit in).


or another method:

1, when the opening and closing is not smooth, if you pull the chain head hard, it will produce the human element occlusion problem. This is applied to the surface and inside of the tooth parts with the wax or lubricating spray [zipper partner (FASTENERMATE)].

2. If the zipper on the bag with too much equipment is closed, the zipper will bear too much force, and the teeth will leave the belt. This is a serious problem with zippers. Draw your teeth closer to make the chain head light and easy to close the zipper. It’s better to take out part of the equipment in the bag and don’t fill it too full.

3. When opening and closing the zipper, sometimes the chain head bites the line segment or cloth and makes the pull head unable to move. If the pull head is forced to pull, it will bite deeper and deeper. On the one hand, the pull head should be reversed, and on the other hand, the cloth should be untied. When fully biting in, do not pull the puller with great force, please slowly back the puller. Also, when sewing zippers, do not leave hidden dangers.

After the zipper is finished, you can open the zipper by yourself. This problem is because the zipper is pulled too long and the caliber becomes larger. If you want to deal with it temporarily, just clip the zipper tail with pliers. Pay attention to the tail, But should pay attention not to be too forceful or clip slant, if want to deal with thoroughly, want to pull head to change. It only costs one or two yuan to change the pull head of the popular shoe repair city.

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