Different storage methods of drugs are also different. The four tips for drug preservation are

drugs are sometimes very good; Willful & quot; Yes, some of them are afraid of heat and some of them are afraid of cold. If they are not properly preserved, they will deteriorate and become invalid. So how should drugs be properly stored? Let’s learn about it.

Four tips on drug preservation: one is to use small bags of drugs as soon as possible. Sometimes we will take back drugs from hospitals or clinics, which are packed in small paper bags. Most of these drugs are separated from large packages, It’s usually 3 & mdash; The dosage for 7 days should be taken as soon as possible if it is stored in paper bags. If the disease is not used up or the medication is adjusted, it is generally recommended to discard it. If the medicine is more expensive, it can be stored in a small glass bottle with good sealing performance. It is also necessary to label the bottle, indicating the name, specification and expiration date of the medicine, so as to avoid confusion.

trick 2: discard the desiccant immediately after opening the bottle

the period of validity marked on the drug package refers to the shelf life of the drug in the unopened state. Once the sealed package is opened, the service life of the drug will be significantly shortened. The basic principle of drug preservation is airtight and dark. Drugs should not be stored in direct sunlight, let alone in the car. In the principle of drug preservation, keeping dry is a very important link. Some medicine packages contain cotton balls or desiccants. After opening, they should be discarded. Otherwise, they will absorb water vapor, which will make the medicine damp and deteriorate more easily. Now there are a lot of drugs packaging improved, there is no desiccant, these drugs should be kept dry.

Trick 3: & lt; Board & quot; To avoid moisture,

aluminum plastic charge is commonly known as & lt; Board & quot; A drug is a capsule or tablet sealed in a separate plastic bubble. This kind of packaging is very dry, but some drugs only need to take half a tablet at a time. Even if the remaining half tablet is put back into the packaging, it also changes the storage environment. Therefore, if it is not used for the time being and the medicine is expensive, it is best to keep it in a small dark glass bottle. If you need to take the medicine again at an interval of no more than 24 hours, you can put the tablets back into the plastic bubble, but you should pay attention to keep them away from the humid environment. It should also be noted that when taking medicine, the tablets should be broken off first, and the remaining tablets should be put away before taking medicine, so as to prevent water from getting on the remaining tablets, which will damp the tablets put back into the plastic bubble.

coup 4: large bottles of medicinal vials are separately packed with

. If 100 tablets are packaged in large bottles, and the drugs can not be used up quickly, a small amount of tablets can be taken and placed in a dark sealed small glass bottle. Take the medicine in the small bottle first, so as to reduce the chance of contamination caused by repeatedly opening the medicine bottle. However, the label must be pasted on the new glass vial, indicating the name, specification and expiration date of the drug. It must not be confused with other drugs.

Four points for attention in drug preservation:

1. Drugs afraid of heat Protein denaturation in biological agents and other drugs reduces their efficacy. The deformation and adhesion of some sugar coated tablets and capsules is also a masterpiece of temperature. Temperature and humidity together can promote a large number of bacteria and molds to breed and hatching of insect eggs, so that the Chinese herbal medicine is damaged by molds and moths, and syrup preparations can grow moldy and produce gas. When the temperature is high, the effective components of volatile drugs such as clove, cinnamon, mint and asarum are volatilized, which reduces their efficacy; When the temperature is low, the emulsion (such as cod liver oil emulsion) will be frozen and stratified, and the formaldehyde solution will produce paraformaldehyde precipitation hellip& hellip;

2. Medicine for fear of moisture

humidity is the moisture in the air. When the medicine is damp, the Chinese herbal medicine will be moldy, the tablet will be loose and broken, color change and adhesion, the medicine will bond into blocks, and some will decompose and fail. For example, aspirin is more stable in dry conditions, and it will gradually decompose when it is damp, which not only has a pungent odor, but also has greater irritation to the stomach; The contraceptive pill will lose its contraceptive effect when it gets damp& hellip;

3、 The most lethal drug in the air is oxygen. Oxygen can oxidize many drugs, such as vitamin C, a, D, adrenaline, phenol and so on, so that the content of their main components is decreased, the curative effect is weakened or ineffective. The fourth notice of family medicine: the color of light medicine will change and reduce the curative effect after being irradiated by light, especially those sensitive to light, such as sodium nitroprusside, Nimotop, etc. Vitamin D2 can produce toxic substances after ultraviolet irradiation.

4; Aging & quot; The drug

time in all & lt; Hackers & quot; Among them, it is the most patient and can be said to be everywhere. With its continuous efforts (the passage of time), the efficacy of drugs (such as antibiotics with poor stability, oxytocin, insulin, cytochrome c, etc.) will decrease and the toxicity will increase.

other factors affecting the storage quality of drugs; Hackers & quot; In addition to the above, there are also pH value, physicochemical properties of the drug itself, interaction of components in the drug, collision during transportation, improper storage and so on.

“ Hackers & quot; In most cases, attacks on drugs are not carried out alone. Usually, two or three of them will attack drugs at the same time or in turn, resulting in & lt; Network paralysis & quot( Drug deterioration). Such as sugar coated tablets in temperature, humidity, air and other effects will occur discoloration, deliquescence, adhesion, abnormal taste and other phenomena.

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