Different types of people have different ways of eating porridge

Different types of people have different ways of eating porridge. Different types of people have different ways of eating porridge. There are many kinds of porridge, for people of different ages and occupations, porridge should also have different emphasis.

teenagers and manual workers, add nut seeds to supplement protein.

people who have more physical labor and teenagers who are growing up have a greater demand for protein and other nutrients. In addition to choosing oats and other grains with higher protein to cook porridge, they can also add nuts such as peanuts, broken walnuts and melon seeds, which can not only supplement the nutrition, but also make the flavor of porridge stronger. This kind of people can add some lean meat when they cook porridge, but they must put less salt.

for children and the elderly, cook soft and rotten to help digestion.

for the elderly and children whose digestive system is not yet developed, due to the weak digestion and absorption function, eating too much coarse grains will increase the gastrointestinal burden. For this kind of people, you can choose millet, rhubarb, brown rice and other digestible coarse grains. When cooking, you should make the porridge soft, rotten and sticky to facilitate digestion and absorption. In addition, porridge with Chinese yam, lotus seeds, pumpkin and other easily digestible ingredients is also very good.

computer family, dark material helps to protect eyes.

office people often face the computer, can add some eye food in porridge, such as dark rice, millet, black rice, purple rice, wolfberry, carrots and so on. Carotenoids contained in dark colored ingredients such as rhubarb rice and millet can be converted into vitamin A in human body, which is beneficial to eye health. Black rice and purple rice contain a lot of anthocyanins, which can resist eye aging.

for women of childbearing age, adding pig liver and lean meat can help supplement iron.

according to relevant surveys, one sixth of women of childbearing age have iron deficiency. Animal food is a good source of heme iron, so this kind of people can add pig liver or lean meat when cooking porridge.

for adults with more social intercourse, put some beans to control sugar and fat.

adults, especially male compatriots, face the problem of weight gain when they reach middle age. Sitting in the office for a long time has less activity, so it’s easy to hoard fat, and it’s inevitable to drink and socialize, which is not good for liver and gastrointestinal function. For this kind of people, you can add mixed beans (such as red beans, mung beans) and vegetables in porridge to increase the intake of dietary fiber, which is conducive to the metabolism of fat and cholesterol, and can also maintain the stability of blood sugar.

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