Different ways to eat peaches:

Different ways to eat all kinds of peaches

alternative ways to eat all kinds of peaches

nectarine: hot fried food is also good

nectarine has a bright brown and smooth appearance, as well as golden flesh and sweet juice.

nectarines are usually small in size, and most of them weigh between 1 Liang and 2 liang. After ripening, the texture of nectarines is hard and soft, and the taste is dense. Although its fruit juice is less impressive than honey peach, its golden and sweet flesh is always the most unforgettable impression of nectarine.

nectarine has a high content of organic acids. People with excessive gastric acid, gastritis or gastric ulcer should not eat more. Nectarines can be eaten directly or hot. For example, they are fried with meat, and then cut into strips. They are cooked with chicken legs and Hunan chopped peppers. They are sweet, spicy, juicy and delicious.

juicy peach: open a mouth to eat

juicy peach after mature, not only the color is pink and red, but also the aroma is refreshing, the important thing is that it is fresh, sweet and juicy, a bite of sweet honey has been full of mouth.

for the elderly or children, ripe peaches can be carefully nibbled open a small mouth, sucking juice and eating.

flat peaches: it is a magic, sweet, juicy and soft thing to eat

flat peaches in a refreshing salad. The flat peach we eat is actually called almond. Its shape is very lovely and its color is similar to honey peach, but it is a flat, palm sized treasure in peach.

mature almonds have few hairs and rich flesh, so that the pit in the middle of the peach is very deep, and even can be pinched directly to the core. If you hold the heart of a ripe flat peach, you can slowly tear off its thin skin.

the market time of flat peaches is very short every year. Make fruit jam with durian and lemon, then mix flat peaches with green and juicy kiwifruit, and then sprinkle a few pieces of scattered crisp walnut grains to make flat peach fruit salad. The taste is very good!

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