Digestion is not good, dinner is particularly particular about four kinds of food, do not eat at dinner

, breakfast ignored, lunch fool, dinner rich, this is a true portrayal of many people. However, eating too much dinner for a long time not only increases the risk of obesity, but also affects digestive function and sleep. Remind, for people with poor digestion, eating dinner is particularly particular.

The main food should be fermented food. Fermented pasta (steamed bread, steamed buns, rolls, pancakes, pancakes, Nang, etc.), Fagao, mash and other foods are easy to digest after fermentation, which is very suitable for people with poor digestion. In addition, in the whole grain cereals and potatoes, some food materials are easy to be digested and absorbed by gastrointestinal tract, such as yam, taro, brown rice, white and yellow millet, rhubarb rice, purple red glutinous rice, etc. As long as they are properly mixed and cooked with rice, these ingredients are better than white rice porridge and white rice. This is because, at the same level of digestion and absorption, they contain more nutrients, and the repair ability of the gastrointestinal tract is very sensitive to nutrient supply.

Meat is mainly white meat which is easy to digest. For those with poor digestion, try to choose white meat such as fish, chicken and duck for dinner. Fish is best eaten steamed. Chicken and duck can be cut into small pieces and then cooked. For example, they can be cut into shredded meat, chopped into minced meat, fried vegetables or porridge. They can also be made into meatballs, or steamed with eggs to make minced meat and egg soup or meat floss, When eating, put it in steamed bread or porridge. Eggs are hard to digest when they are boiled. They can be made into egg soup and egg flower soup. If you put the bean products for dinner, you’d better cut them into small pieces. Don’t fry them to make sure they can be fully digested.

vegetables should be cooked by heating. It is suggested to buy fresh vegetables with various colors and stir fry them quickly after blanching, so as to inactivate vitamin c oxidase, polyphenol oxidase and bacteria, and retain rich trace elements and vitamins. It should be noted that vegetables are rich in unsoftened fiber, and some also contain a certain amount of anti nutrients, such as oxalic acid, which can stimulate the stomach to a certain extent. Therefore, people with poor digestion had better not eat vegetables raw.

What kind of food is best not to eat at dinner?

1, fried food

, and spicy food

3, many people like to eat spicy food at dinner, such as common spicy hot, spicy hot pot and so on. In the dinner to eat these spicy food, easy to gastric mucosa, esophageal mucosa caused obvious stimulation, in the case of these gastrointestinal mucosa stimulated, may cause local pain, indigestion.

therefore, usually dinner should pay attention to the quality, in addition, eat less spicy food, so as to prevent local mucosal irritation caused by disease.

4, animal offal

many people always like to eat animal offal at dinner, animal offal is not suitable for dinner. Animal viscera contains more cholesterol and purine. If you always eat a lot of animal liver at dinner, the workload of the body’s organs will increase, and you need to digest and detoxify the food in time, which may affect the health of the organs over time. In addition, it may reduce the quality of sleep and bring a heavy burden to the body.

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