Discover the principle of lowering blood pressure with olive oil

We all believe that the Mediterranean diet can effectively reduce weight, and the secret of success is vegetable salad. A research paper points out that high-quality vegetables rich in unsaturated fatty acids, such as olive oil, can form fatty acids that can reduce blood pressure.

research said that spinach, celery, carrots, etc., which are rich in nitrate and nitrite, together with avocado oil, nut oil or olive oil, can form a substance called nitrofatty acid in the body.

the research team of Royal College London, sponsored by the British Heart Foundation, found in mouse experiments that this kind of fatty acid has just inhibited the effect of epoxide hydrolase, which regulates blood pressure, and thus has the effect of reducing blood pressure.

previously, the scientific community generally believed that the Mediterranean diet composed of vegetables, fish, grains, red wine, nuts and vegetable oil is conducive to human health, but there is still a lack of consistent scientific explanation for how this structure functions.

some people once believed that Europeans generally eat high-fat meat, but their health status is still better than that of Americans because they have the habit of drinking red wine. However, a research paper published some time ago denied this view, The study showed that Italians who drank red wine did not have a reduction in cancer and cardiovascular disease due to resveratrol in red wine.

, Professor of cardiovascular biochemistry at Royal College London, who led the study, pointed out that: & lt; So far, Mediterranean diet can effectively prevent stroke, heart failure, heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases, reduce their frequency, but so far the research has not given a clear reason. The results of this study opened a precedent for explanation and will contribute to the future research& rdquo;

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