Distinguish the dyed chili noodles, a paper towel can easily show the original shape

in the era of food integrity crisis, black heart food is everywhere, and it’s easy to get caught. Many people are addicted to spicy food. If they don’t eat chili in a meal, they will find it tasteless. Bags of red chili noodles in the vegetable market are indispensable seasonings in some people’s kitchens. However, these beautiful looking chili noodles are not necessarily good things, among which there are many colored counterfeits. So how can we tell?

Distinguish dyed chili noodle & nbsp; A paper towel is easy to show the original shape

while there is time on the weekend, several friends meet to barbecue in the countryside. On that day, friends went to the vegetable market early to buy all kinds of raw materials for barbecue. After buying meat and vegetables, Lao Li, who usually loves spicy food, said: & lt; We have to buy some chili noodles. When the mutton kebab is cooked, it’s better to sprinkle with chili noodles& rdquo; So he went straight to the chili noodle stall.

Lao Li picked up a big bag of red hot pepper noodles in front of the stall and asked the boss, how much is the hot pepper noodles? Before the boss said anything, Xiao Xu, a food professional, came together and said, wait a moment, let me have a look.

he picked up a little chili noodles and rubbed them with his hands. There was no red color left on his hands. He said with a smile: & lt; Lao Li, you are too anxious. I don’t know if the chili noodle is real. If you buy the wrong one, you can’t eat chili, just eat corn husks. Originally barbecue is not healthy, and then eat some fake condiments, not to add insult to injury& rdquo; When the boss heard their conversation, he also said with a smile: & lt; Hey, you’re right. However, we don’t dare to sell that kind of dyed chili noodles. It can kill people if we eat too much. Isn’t it immoral to sell that kind of thing& rdquo;

so, why do we dye chili noodles? Eat dyed chili noodles, what harm does it have to human body?

ten catties of chili noodles, seven catties of corn husk

for those who are addicted to spicy food, a meal without chili will feel the food tasteless. Bags of red chili noodles in the vegetable market are indispensable seasonings in some people’s kitchens. However, these beautiful looking chili noodles are not necessarily good things, among which there are many colored counterfeits.

as early as 10 years ago, some media reported the problem of dyeing hot pepper noodles. In order to save cost, black heart vendors grind the cheap corn husk into powder and mix it into chili noodles. As for the amount of corn husk to be mixed in a kilo of chili noodles, how to mix it all depends on the courage of the black hearted traders. Daring, a catty of chili noodles can be mixed with more than 72 corn husks. It’s a real rip off.

if it’s just corn husk, it’s OK. Corn husk is not bad. The key is that the corn husk is not red. To make it look like chili noodles, you have to dye it red. And the black heart vendor’s favorite dye is rhodamine B. Rhodamine B is a synthetic dye, also known as & quot; Pink flowers & quot& ldquo; Rose Red B & quot;, It has been used as food colorant. But later, it was found that it has a strong carcinogenicity. Some people feed mice with rhodamine B. after a period of time, the mice grow sarcoma. Later, it was proved that what happened to mice could also happen to people.

the use of Rhodamine B in food has been banned by the state since the danger of Rhodamine B was known. Often eat food with Rhodamine B, not only will damage the heart, but also easy to get cancer.

tear a piece of paper towel and dip it in water. The dyed chili noodle is in its original shape. No matter how good it looks, it’s dyed with dye. It’s still different from high-quality chili noodle. Good hot pepper noodles are yellow in color, loose and dry, and free of impurities. Because they are very hot and close to each other, their nose and eyes will be uncomfortable.

dyed chili noodles are just the opposite, red and bright, but spicy. Here’s another tip for you. Just prepare a wet tissue in advance. When buying hot pepper noodles, you can pinch a little hot pepper noodles onto the wet paper towel, wait for a while, and then remove the hot pepper noodles from the wet paper towel to see if the paper towel turns red. If the paper towel is dyed red, it means that artificial dye is added to the chili noodle.

because normal chili noodles contain natural pigments, which are only soluble in oil, but not soluble in water, and will not fade when meeting water. Rhodamine B, however, is soluble in water, leaving traces on wet tissues. In addition, some black hearted traders dye corn skin with Sudan red. Like rhodamine B, Sudan red will show its original shape on wet tissue.


be careful of Rhodamine B when buying Chinese prickly ash; Black heart vendors not only use rhodamine B to dye pepper noodles, but also use it to color Chinese prickly ash. Add rhodamine B pepper color bright red, looks bright, but the particles are smaller than the general pepper. It’s easy to fade when rubbing with a wet tissue.

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