Do not eat breakfast actually have these hazards!

Do not eat breakfast actually have these hazards!

do not eat breakfast actually have these hazards!

1, heart disease

research shows that people who often do not eat breakfast have a 27% higher risk of heart attack or death from coronary heart disease.

, diabetes

and those who regularly eat three meals a day have a 25% higher risk of diabetes than men who do not eat breakfast every day.

3, affect intellectual development

research shows that: if a child often does not eat breakfast, then his developing brain may atrophy, thus affecting intellectual development.

4, gastritis

do not eat breakfast will affect gastric acid secretion, induce gastritis and other digestive system diseases.

5, obesity

another 18 year follow-up study found that people who ate breakfast less than three times a week had an average weight of 1.9kg higher than those who ate breakfast more than three times a week.

6, gallstones

when we eat food, the gallbladder will put bile into the gastrointestinal tract, promoting the digestion and absorption of fat. If you don’t eat for a long time, bile will not be released, just like a pool of stagnant water, which slowly condenses to form stones& mdash; Some experts point out that the most serious consequence of not having breakfast is this one!

7, halitosis

skipping breakfast doubled the risk of halitosis among adolescents. Because saliva has the function of cleaning the mouth, eating breakfast can stimulate saliva secretion.

8, gall bladder is prone to cancer,

often do not eat breakfast will lead to gallstones, and gallbladder cancer is closely related to gallstones, gall bladder is afraid of stones in it; “No.”;. Many gallbladder cancer patients are accompanied with gallstones, and they have a common eating habit: long-term do not eat breakfast. Not all gallstones will eventually lead to gallbladder cancer, but: more than 90% of patients with gallbladder cancer have gallstones; About one in 100 patients with gallstones will develop into gallbladder cancer.

warm breakfast so eat

1, steamed bread with laver soup

, one night prepare steamed buns, soft pancakes, steamed bread and other food, get up in the morning hot, at the same time with boiling water to wash a bowl of instant laver soup (less salt version), or microwave oven hot a bowl of soybean milk. If in addition, can add a little blanch mixed vegetables or add a fruit, it is more ideal.

2, milk + oat

in milk, soak in instant oatmeal or mixed cereal slices and heat them up. You can finish it in 6 minutes. If you add a little fruit and nuts in the morning, the nutrition of breakfast will reach full score.

3, mixed soup noodles

pour boiling water into the pot, even the water in the thermos can be boiled for 1 minute, then put in the dried noodles, throw in a few first day’s choice of clean vegetables, or a chopped tomato, then pour in an egg, boil for five or six minutes, you can enjoy the delicious and light mixed soup noodles.

4, milk with sesame paste

if you really don’t have time for breakfast because you get up late, you can prepare some emergency food in the kitchen. Besides fruits, there are boxed or bottled milk, yogurt and soymilk. After arriving at the unit, heat up the milk and make black sesame paste and cereal powder. You can also bring some nuts for dessert.

5, steamed buns with bean curd

eat breakfast outside, steamed buns with bean curd, although there are only two things, but basically can meet the nutritional requirements.

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