Do not eat breakfast prone to stomach disease, healthy breakfast types to be rich

now many office workers, in the morning in order to sleep for a while, choose not to eat breakfast, some in order to lose weight and do not eat breakfast, this way is really right? Want to have a healthy and slim figure, breakfast is indispensable, usually do not eat breakfast, will induce a variety of diseases, will have adverse effects on health. About the harm of not eating breakfast and how to eat breakfast healthily, let’s introduce it to you!

What is the harm of not having breakfast? Without breakfast, people’s mental state will be worse and worse. During 8 to 10 hours of sleep, the body’s internal organs and functions are at rest. When you wake up in the morning, you need to supplement your nutrition. If you just eat casually or don’t eat, then you can eat it all at once through Chinese food. At this time, all the blood will go to the gastrointestinal tract to help digestion, the head is prone to hypoxia, want to sleep, the spirit will be worse and worse.

toxins in the body can not be discharged

regular meals can improve the metabolism level of the body. If you don’t eat breakfast, your body will always be in a state of low metabolism. Relatively speaking, toxins in the body are easy to accumulate and cannot be excreted. If you don’t eat breakfast, the more you lose, the fatter you get. In order to lose weight, don’t eat breakfast or eat casually. As a result, you will only spend more energy and time to strengthen your physical strength. On the contrary, you will be more impatient with hunger. Unconsciously, you will eat more and more and lose weight more and more.

is prone to stomach disease

long time without breakfast will give stomach disease opportunities. Without breakfast, the biological rhythm of the human digestive system will change, gastrointestinal motility and secretion of digestive fluid will change, digestive fluid will not neutralize food, which will cause adverse stimulation to fasting gastrointestinal mucosa and gastritis. In serious cases, it can cause peptic ulcer.

Easy to constipate

do not eat breakfast will lead to digestive system disorder, may cause constipation symptoms. Irregular diet will lead to the body’s tired digestive system become disordered, which leads to improper regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, easy to lead to constipation. However, when the body is not smooth detoxification, it will accumulate toxins in the body and affect people’s health.

is prone to gallstone disease

many gallstone patients have the habit of not eating breakfast. What’s the matter? If we don’t eat breakfast for a long time or occasionally eat a small amount of breakfast, the bile secretion in our body will be reduced, but the cholesterol content does not change at all. As time goes on, a large amount of cholesterol in the gallbladder will cause gallstones.

affect intelligence

do you know? Skipping breakfast also affects intelligence. Studies have shown that students who eat breakfast are much higher than those who don’t eat or eat less when their intelligence levels are almost equal. This is because people who don’t eat breakfast will be unable to develop and operate normally due to the lack of nutrition and energy, and will hinder the development of memory and intelligence for a long time.

How to have a healthy breakfast?

1, with wheat rice instead of bread

you should remember to eat breakfast, but also pay attention to eat healthy breakfast, office workers usually buy bread and soybean milk as breakfast in convenience stores or breakfast shops, but if you want to lose weight effectively, it is recommended to eat rice for breakfast, preferably wheat rice. The calorie content of wheat rice is lower than that of white rice, which can burn visceral fat. It’s rich in dietary fiber and very resistant to hunger. The rice is small and elastic with good taste. It’s a good choice for breakfast.

2. Breakfast types should be rich.

breakfast must be well eaten and the types should be rich. Don’t think breakfast is just wheat and rice. A good breakfast is made up of carbohydrates, protein, fruits and vegetables. Some studies have found that eggs are more resistant to hunger than bread, steamed bread and cereal chips. The protein and fat in them can provide energy for the body continuously and steadily, and make us full longer.

three, eat breakfast should also pay attention to the order

eat a healthy breakfast, good nutrition absorption, physical fitness will be good. Drinking a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning can clean the metabolic wastes and toxins in the stomach and improve the basic metabolic level. When eating breakfast, it’s best to eat vegetables first, because if you eat carbohydrates first, your blood sugar will rise rapidly and promote insulin secretion. If you eat too fast breakfast, you will have a high risk of cancer. The most direct impact of swallowing is indigestion, and the risk of obesity is doubled. Chewing is not fine, gastrointestinal burden increased, the probability of gastroesophageal reflux greatly increased. Eat too fast, can’t stimulate brain nerve activity, people will become stupid. Moreover, most people eat food in a hurry, regardless of the food is too hot. More and more studies show that overheating is closely related to a variety of digestive tract diseases.

tips: chew slowly, not only can make food digest well, but also nutrition will be well absorbed; Anxious & quot; You have to eat slowly; Hot tofu & quot; Well!

5、 Eating breakfast too early is harmful to stomach function. Some people are used to eating breakfast after getting up at five or six o’clock in the morning. But in fact, eating breakfast too early is not only not good for health, but also may hurt the stomach. In the process of sleep at night, most of the body organs get a rest, but the digestive organs need to digest and absorb dinner food, usually until early in the morning to really enter the state of rest. If you eat breakfast too early, it will affect the rest of the gastrointestinal tract.

tips: breakfast is best arranged between 6:30-8:30, and it takes 15-20 minutes to finish, so as to develop a healthy and regular work and rest habit. Don’t use no time, no appetite, weight control and other excuses, eat enough to lose weight. Six, breakfast nutrition imbalance, the consequences are very serious,

breakfast content is too single, may cause the blood sugar level is relatively low, can not provide enough energy for the brain in time, easy to panic, fatigue, attention is not concentrated and other problems, greatly reduce the efficiency of work and learning. The better the control of blood glucose and blood lipid, the more significant the effect of weight loss; But too nutritious breakfast is rich in high protein, high calories, high fat, such as hamburgers, fried food will only increase the burden of stomach, increase the obesity rate.

tips: doctors suggest that high quality breakfast nutrition should be & lt; Four have two don’t: There are starch staple food; There are milk, eggs and beans rich in protein; There are fruits and vegetables; There is a spoonful of nuts; Don’t fry food; Don’t grill or smoke. 7. The dining environment is poor, and there is a big potential safety hazard

. Many young office workers are used to eating while walking, but in fact it’s for & quot; The disease comes from the mouth; It will make the stomach uncomfortable, affect its normal digestion, and eventually lead to gastritis and even gastroptosis. Indigestion also increases the risk of obesity. If you buy breakfast on the street, it’s hard to guarantee the hygiene. It may also be mixed with various kinds of dust, car exhaust and harmful ingredients in plastic bags.

tips: you’d better make your own breakfast and eat it at home or other fixed places. If there are really no conditions, we must go to a formal and reliable restaurant to buy.

eight, soy milk filler, also not healthy

& lt; Fried dough sticks with soybean milk & quot; I’m afraid it’s the breakfast choice of many people, but in the process of high-temperature frying, the nutrients are destroyed, which is harmful to human health. The fat and heat are also on the high side, and it’s not easy to digest in the morning. In addition, soybean milk belongs to medium fat food, the amount of oil in this breakfast combination obviously exceeds the standard, so it is not suitable for long-term consumption.

tips: it’s better to eat less soy milk filler bars for breakfast, not more than twice a week; Lunch and dinner on the day of eating should be as light as possible, and pay attention to supplement vegetables. 9. It’s unhealthy to eat leftover breakfast.

in order to save trouble, many people make breakfast the next day ahead of time. But after the leftovers overnight, vegetables may produce nitrite, which will cause great harm to human health.

really as you think, eat less will reduce calories, can help yourself lose weight? This idea is very wrong. If you want to have a good body and good health, you must keep regular meals. Don’t eat breakfast. It will do harm to your health. It is suggested that all friends should have breakfast every day and have a healthy breakfast.

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