Do you eat peaches for milk?

peaches have high nutritional value. They are very effective in nourishing qi and blood and promoting body fluid. Some people often eat more peaches after recovering from serious illness. Peaches do have an effect on the physical recovery of the body. Some people worry about whether they will return milk during lactation. In fact, they will not return milk. The iron content of peaches is very high, Many people with anemia can eat it. For the effect of defecation, the role of peach is not to be underestimated.

there are many factors affecting milk, such as the diet and nutrition problems of breast-feeding mothers, the mood of breast-feeding mothers, anger and so on, which easily lead to milk return! Another is the number of times the child sucks, sucking less breast milk is less. There is to eat back to milk food milk will be less.

the amount of milk of a mother is completely different from her own constitution. A mother should not overwork and get enough sleep; Diet to be rich in nutrition, drink more ribs soup, crucian carp or pig soup, promote milk secretion. Lactating mothers should avoid eating foods that can inhibit milk secretion: the milk returning foods include: leek, Chinese prickly ash, ginseng, garlic, mushroom, pig liver, chicken liver, old hen,

. Some cool fruits and vegetables, such as leek, wax gourd, cucumber, balsam pear, orange, watermelon, as well as Chinese prickly ash, Daliao, barley, carbon drink, tea, coffee, spicy food, seafood, etc All of them will cause milk return. Peach iron can eat, in addition, during confinement can eat peach, is a warm fruit, it doesn’t matter, there is no role of milk.

inedible food

1. Flatulence

beans: soymilk, dried beans, tofu, red beans, mung beans

fruits: apple, grape, melon (such as watermelon, melon), grapefruit

vegetables: onion, Korean cabbage, cauliflower, leek

staple food: corn, potato, sweet potato Taro

diet: Yakult, soda water, milk

2, milk food

malt milk maltose barley tea raw oats ham meat square leg meat

barley tea, maltose, leek, pepper, Daliao, monosodium glutamate, beans, ginseng.

so peaches are OK during lactation. In the past, some people often felt that they were afraid to return milk during lactation. They did not dare to eat such things or such things. As a result, they had less milk and blamed a certain kind of food. This is not correct. Must be scientific through the lactation, give the baby the best nutrition, and the best to buy some related books, add their knowledge, so as to deal with a variety of lactation problems.

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