Do you know how to choose proper nutritional supplements?

for those who are malnourished, taking nutritional supplements is very necessary. Many young people do not know enough about it. They think that only middle-aged and old people are suitable for taking tonic. In fact, no matter what age group of young and old friends, as long as they are lack of nutrition, they should supplement them in time. Don’t wait until the body breaks down. At this time, supplement may not play a better role.

in foreign countries, people are very willing to use nutritional supplements, and young people account for 30%, they will ask professional nutritionists to analyze, in order to achieve better supplement effect. In fact, this way is a good adjustment for health.

there are some suggestions on the choice of nutritional supplements:

1, nutritional supplements can not replace the normal three meal diet. Our usual diet and living habits have the greatest impact on our health. The nutrients in natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, meat and so on are the most comprehensive. Therefore, we should first eat three meals in a balanced way and get the nutrients we need from a balanced diet.

2. Some people should supplement nutrients when they have poor absorption of nutrients for some reason or the absorption of nutrients increases.

3. The proportion of various nutrients in different foods varies greatly. Some people need to supplement vitamins properly. The purpose of Selective Supplement of nutrients can be achieved through the choice of food.

4. Pay attention to the proportion of vitamins or trace elements when supplement them. For example, pay attention to the supplement of other trace elements when supplement calcium, which is helpful for their absorption and utilization in the body.

5. For the urban people who are lack of sports at ordinary times, we should supplement nutrients and increase sports activities to promote the absorption of nutrients.

6. The more nutrients, the better. Everything has a proper degree, beyond which it will cause unnecessary trouble.

but the more you eat, the better. If you add too much nutrients, it will do harm to your health. Because the abuse of nutritional supplements may lead to other nutrients can not be normal intake or a part of the nutrients too much and cause poisoning. Therefore, when taking nutritional supplements, we should pay attention to the dosage, only taking the right amount can play a good effect.

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