Do you know the benefits of sugar water

Do you know the benefits of sugar water

do you know the benefits of sugar water

for thousands of years, brown sugar has the function of detoxification and moistening, which is well known to women and children. This special effect of brown sugar is mainly due to its natural ingredients.

brown sugar, also known as red granulated sugar, is a kind of red crystal refined from the stem juice of sugarcane. The study found that sugarcane, a perennial herb, is a treasure both inside and outside the body. It contains a variety of essential amino acids, such as lysine, malic acid, citric acid, etc. it is one of the essential basic substances for synthesizing human protein, supporting metabolism and participating in human life activities; In addition, sugarcane pulp juice and cane stem are also rich in vitamin B1, B2, B6 and vitamin C; Molasses & quot; It’s actually a polysaccharide.

rock sugar is made from white granulated sugar by processing, cooling and crystallization. Rock sugar has the function of Nourishing Yin, nourishing body fluid, moistening lung and relieving cough. It has a good adjuvant effect on cough without phlegm or with blood in sputum. In many medicated meals, there is crystal sugar. In autumn, we often put some rock sugar when we are making steamed pear with Chuanbei.

white sugar, can and in the emergency, Shengjin Runzao. Occasionally have abdominal pain, drink cold water will aggravate abdominal pain, the body is not strong, after drinking Chinese medicine, you can drink some sugar water. But the treatment of a cold is best not to eat sugar water, cold early, if you drink sugar water, will soon appear cough, phlegm, sore throat and other diseases.

in addition, for the chest and abdomen have flatulence, full stuffy pain, nausea want to vomit, and bitter sticky, thirsty but do not want to drink water, small amount of urine, yellow color, sticky stool or secret knot, women with yellow thick, large amount of smell, etc., the above sugar water should not be drunk. These are the manifestations of damp heat in the middle energizer, which may aggravate symptoms after eating sugar, and even have adverse symptoms such as vomiting.

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