Do you know the harm of not having breakfast?

Do you know the harm of not having breakfast? Do you know the harm of not having breakfast?

do not eat breakfast will be fat?

many people in order to lose weight, or because there is no time to get up late and other reasons, often do not eat breakfast. However, professionals remind that not eating breakfast not only can’t lose weight, not eating breakfast will make you fat up.

people who don’t eat breakfast have a strong desire to eat all day long. After getting up in the morning, the human body has not eaten for more than 10 hours, and the stomach is empty. At this time, the blood glucose level also drops to the level of eating. After the start of activity, the brain and muscles consume sugar (i.e. blood sugar), so blood sugar levels continue to fall. At this time, if you don’t have a meal or a low-quality breakfast, your body will not have enough blood sugar to consume, and your body will feel tired, irritable, irritable, and unresponsive.

even this feeling will last for a whole day. During the whole day, you want to eat more and have a stronger desire for high calorie food, so you can eat more calories and gain weight. If you don’t eat breakfast, the stored glucose in your body will be exhausted. In order to maintain blood glucose, your body will decompose protein to synthesize glucose. Over time, it will lead to skin dryness, wrinkle and anemia, accelerate the aging of the human body.

it’s very harmful to the stomach if you don’t eat breakfast

in sleep, the stomach is still secreting a small amount of gastric acid. If you don’t eat breakfast, the gastric acid has no food to neutralize, which will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause stomach discomfort. Over time, it may cause gastritis and ulcer. And fasting in the morning, the body cholesterol saturation is higher, do not eat breakfast is also easy to produce gallstones.

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