Do you know the healthiest way to eat these fruits and vegetables?

Do you know the healthiest way to eat these fruits and vegetables?

do you know the healthiest way to eat these fruits and vegetables?

1, beans can eat quick-frozen

beans are frozen two hours after picking and peeling, effectively locking in nutrients. It takes at least three or four days for fresh beans to be picked to the table. Vitamins and other nutrients are seriously lost.

2, carrots roasted whole

British scientists have pointed out that eating carrots boiled or roasted whole will increase the amount of health chemicals obtained by the human body by 25%, including some known anticancer substances.

3, fried tomatoes with some oil

canned tomatoes, tomato soup, and even ketchup are healthy foods. Burning tomatoes with some oil can increase the absorption of lycopene.

4, boiled potatoes with skin and hot water

, fried potatoes with animal fat is the worst way to eat. The healthiest way to eat is to roast or cook the whole potato with its skin. The vitamin content in the lower layer of potato skin is as high as 80%. When boiling, it is best to boil potatoes in hot water to prevent loss of soluble vitamins.

5, eat more fruits and drink less juice

fruits should be eaten as soon as possible after picking to keep vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Juice can make people fat, but also lead to gastrointestinal flatulence and increased risk of dental caries.

6, cabbage cooking to add salt

, cooking this kind of vegetables had better add salt, time should not be too long, otherwise nutrition loss, no taste. These vegetables are most nutritious when eaten raw or slightly steamed.

7. Canned food can try

. The nutrition of canned fruits and vegetables depends on how long they are canned after picking and how much salt, sugar and other unhealthy chemicals are added in the process of canning.

compared with fresh fruits and vegetables, canned fruits and vegetables have less nutrition and more than 50% vitamin C will be lost. But in some cases, canned vegetables are better than no vegetables.

8, popcorn also nutrition

, corn is rich in carotene and cellulose. The nutrition of popcorn is more easily absorbed by human body. Popcorn is not healthy. The problem is not the corn itself, but the added salt, fat and sugar.

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