Do you know the magic effect of watermelon skin?

Do you know the magic effect of watermelon skin?

do you know the magic effect of watermelon skin?

watermelon skin is absolutely as good as watermelon. It wastes a lot of nutrients every time you eat watermelon. What’s the magical effect of watermelon skin? Let’s have a look!

1, Jianpi Xiaoshu

in the hot summer, people’s spleen and stomach are relatively poor, but also easy to cause summer, the mental state of the whole person is relatively listless. Take the right amount of fresh watermelon skin, plus the right amount of jujube, together with decocting soup, you can drink tea every day, which has a good effect on strengthening the spleen and stomach, and can relieve summer heat.

2, antipyretic, quench thirst, constipation, dry cough

summer heat can produce boredom, thirst, cause shortness of urine and constipation and other phenomena, take a dose of watermelon skin and jellyfish, fresh lotus leaf soup to drink every day, for quench thirst, diuresis, excretion, Qingshu has a very good effect. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that watermelon peel can be used to treat summer heat, thirst and other diseases. Watermelon skin after drying, add a little borneol, rub in the toothache, can relieve pain. Treatment of oral ulcer: if the oral cavity long package or oral ulcer, can be the watermelon skin scorched grinding, contained in the mouth, can cure aphthous ulcer, watermelon cream is so come. Watermelon skin can also be boiled with mung beans, and then drink soup, as a good drink to prevent fire.

4, beauty

watermelon skin also has whitening effect. Apply watermelon skin on your face, and then wash it off with water. If you insist on it every day, your skin will become delicate and whitening. If the skin has just been sunburned, you can use iced watermelon skin to apply, the effect is more obvious!

5, treatment of cough and sore throat

watermelon is a good product for relieving summer heat and thirst in summer. Watermelon skin also has the effect of clearing summer heat and relieving fever, which can relieve sore throat. Watermelon cream on the market is made of watermelon skin as the main medicine.

6, treatment of constipation

watermelon has the effect of defecation. When children are constipated, the hard skin on the watermelon can be beaten into juice to drink, and the effect of defecation is very good. Constipation time is too long child, still can consider to add some honey. However, children with deficiency of Yang and Qi and blood should be cautious because the effect of defecation is too good, which may lead to diarrhea.

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