Do you know the secret about bananas?

Do you know the secret about bananas?

do you know the secret about bananas?

banana has become the first choice for office workers and students to eat fruits because of its low price and the fact that it is the season of production all year round? Green banana is more beneficial to health and fat reduction than yellow banana!

green bananas have the lowest calorific value of

. If the green banana is lower than the yellow peel bananas, the green banana is good for the old. But the trouble is that not everyone’s stomach can bear green banana, because green banana is not easy to digest, easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. What’s more, bananas with completely green skin are really not good to eat. If beauties really want to eat bananas with lower calories, nutritionists suggest & lt; Choose the yellow with green, that is, the yellow banana has a little green part;.

diarrhea to eat green banana

many people constipation, the first thought is to eat bananas, but you really eat right? Constipation when you want to choose a ripe banana, that is, the whole root is yellow, the inner flesh texture has not changed, but the skin has a little spot that can really promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. As for diarrhea, you should eat green bananas. As mentioned above, because the whole green banana tastes very raw, you can choose the degree that one can accept.

when should I eat bananas?

more and more supermarkets begin to sell bananas. Beauties will find it convenient and fast to take one for breakfast. But in fact, nutritionists suggest that bananas should not be eaten on an empty stomach, and not only be eaten as breakfast, but should be matched with other things, because bananas are fruits with high sugar index, which will make you feel full quickly, but also feel hungry soon. It’s best to eat one after a meal.

how many bananas do you need to eat a day?

in fact, one is enough! That is to say, the two bananas sold in the supermarket can be eaten in two days. Because the calories of bananas are not as low as expected, nutritionists say that eating a medium banana is equivalent to eating two portions of fruit (one portion is about the weight of a fist or a rice bowl, and each person should eat at least two portions a day). So in short, one medium banana a day is enough!

how to do over ripe banana?

if the banana is really over cooked, nutritionists suggest that the banana can be mixed with sugar free yogurt or sugar free soy milk. In this way, the banana can provide natural sweetness, and there is no need to add sugar or honey. Banana milk or banana soy milk is also good to drink after exercise!

finally, the nutritionist reminds us that over ripe fruits and moldy fruits are two things. Musty fruits should not be eaten. Once the fruit is moldy, it is easy to penetrate, that is to say, the whole fruit has been polluted. At this time, it’s right to lose the whole fruit. Don’t be greedy for the small and cheap. If you eat the mold, the gain is not worth the loss.

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