Do you know the seven taboos of eating beef?

Do you know the seven taboos of eating beef?

seven taboos of eating beef do you know?

1, nephritis patients should not eat more,

beef belongs to high protein food, nephritis patients should not eat more, in order to avoid aggravating the burden of the kidney, and aminophylline drugs together, will also make its curative effect decline.

2, beef and pork can not eat together

pork and beef can not eat together for a long time. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, first, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine food properties, pork is sour and cold, slightly cold, greasy and Yin cold, while beef is sweet and warm, which can tonify the spleen and stomach, strengthen the waist and feet, and has the function of tranquilizing and benefiting qi. One is warm and the other is cold, the other is tonifying spleen and stomach, the other is cold and greasy. It is not suitable to eat the same food because of the conflict between sex and taste.

3, the elderly and children should not eat more

beef, high cholesterol, high fat, the elderly, children, people with weak digestion should not eat more. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that beef has the effects of Tonifying Qi, nourishing spleen and stomach, strengthening muscles and bones, resolving phlegm and calming wind, relieving thirst and stopping salivation. It is suitable for patients with deficiency of Qi, shortness of breath and body deficiency, weakness of muscles and bones, chronic anemia, thin corpus luteum, dizziness and dizziness. The appropriate dosage is about 80 grams per meal. Excessive consumption may increase the risk of colon and prostate cancer.

, not to eat with Baijiu,

beef and Baijiu will be infected with teeth. Baijiu is a product of great temperature and high fever. Baijiu and beef are very hot for people with warm constitution. They are likely to cause fever and fever.

6, careful mix will be poisoned

beef and brown sugar together will cause flatulence; Beef and salted vegetables can be poisoned when eaten together; Beef and catfish can be poisoned when eaten together; Beef and snails can be poisoned when eaten together; Eating beef and soy sauce together will hurt the five internal organs; Beef and xiangfuzi food can produce jiuzichuang; Beef and leek eat together, easy to fire; Eating beef and olives together can cause discomfort.

7, beef can not be roasted

, beef should not be smoked, roasted, pickled, in order to avoid the production of benzopyrene and nitrosamine and other carcinogens.

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