Do you know the tips for saving fuel?

Do you know the tips for saving fuel?

tips on fuel saving in driving do you understand?

develop a good driving attitude

when walking in the street, you can often meet some hot tempered drivers and rush forward for a long time in a hurry. Finally, you have to wait for the red light first. As a matter of fact, when the vehicle starts to accelerate, it costs the most fuel, and the frequent high throttle overtaking and merging is even more expensive. So no matter how impatient your temper is, as long as there is no emergency, you’d better change your driving style.

every time you step on the brake pedal, it means that the energy consumption when you just refuel can not be converted into kinetic energy, but will be dissipated by braking heat energy. Therefore, in order to use every drop of oil on the road ahead, it is very important to learn to drive with foresight. In addition, reasonable gear is very important. Low speed and high gear will never save fuel. Another very important point is the vehicle speed. When the vehicle speed exceeds 120km / h, a large part of the engine power will be used to overcome the vehicle wind resistance. Especially when the vehicle speed exceeds 150km / h, the fuel consumption will increase by 2 to 3 times compared with the normal driving state.

put down everything that can be put down

before talking about the topic of fuel saving, let’s talk about several important factors that affect automobile fuel consumption. The first is the weight, speed, of course, driving style, body design, mechanical performance, maintenance status and so on. However, what we can do is to reduce the burden. Automotive engineers often say: to increase the power of the engine by 5kW is better than to let the car lose 10kg. It can be seen how much influence the weight of a car will have on the driving performance and fuel consumption of a car.

many car owners like to decorate their car as their own home. They have all kinds of toys and daily necessities, and the back compartment is full. In fact, too much burden will not only reduce the acceleration ability of the car, but also consume a lot of energy in vain. So from today on, put all the things you don’t usually use home.

automatic transmission can save fuel as well as

. Don’t think that saving fuel is only for manual blocking cars. As long as you learn to cooperate with your own automatic transmission, automatic cars can also achieve less faults and low fuel consumption.

many drivers who drive cars with automatic transmission think that as long as they put on D gear and step on the accelerator, everything will be all right. However, cars with automatic transmission also pay attention to driving skills. Generally speaking, the gear set of first gear is relatively large when starting, so it will enter second gear soon. However, the driving process after second gear is more learned, because at this time, as long as you step on the accelerator a little, the driving computer will default that the driver needs more power, and then it will delay the shift time; At this time, if the driver slightly raises the accelerator, the computer will default that the power is enough, and increase a gear according to the speed.

in addition, although the car with automatic transmission saves the trouble of frequent shifting, several gears next to the handlebars are still functional. For example, when waiting for the red light for a long time, the gear should be shifted to the n (neutral) position; When walking on the steep mountain road with many bends, you should choose third gear or od gear, because this can avoid frequent shifting of the transmission, which not only saves fuel, but also protects the transmission.

keep the car in good condition

I often hear some car owners complain that after driving for two or three years, the car is not as fuel-efficient as the new car, and the noise also begins to increase. Apart from the normal wear and tear, in fact, in many cases it is due to the improper maintenance of the car owners. Even if the same car uses different quality oil and different brands of tires, their fuel consumption and performance will be different.

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