Do you know the way to drink red wine?

do you know the way to drink red wine?

red wine is the general name of wine, not necessarily red wine. How to drink red wine?

1. Preparation before drinking red wine

red wine is usually stored flat, and the cork will decompose and produce sawdust after soaking for a long time. Stand upright the day before drinking and let the sawdust settle to the bottom of the bottle. Drink red wine can not add ice, also can not be like champagne in the ice bucket, the most appropriate drinking temperature is 15-17 degrees Celsius. In winter in Zhuhai, you can drink it directly; In summer, it’s best to put it in the freezer of the refrigerator, take it out one to half an hour before eating, open the bottle first, put it aside, sober up slowly, and let the temperature rise at the same time.

2. Steps for correct drinking of red wine

1. Sobering up: red wine contains tannic acid, which is rich in changes after contact with air. The best way to distinguish the change of a bottle of wine is to pour two cups for the first time after opening the bottle, and drink one cup first, and then drink the other cup at the end, so you can feel it clearly. The change time of each bottle of wine is different, maybe 10 minutes, maybe half an hour, maybe two hours later.

2. Shake: pour the wine into the goblet and shake it. The wine will stick to the wall and flow down. We can clearly see the speed of the wine flow, feel the shape and viscosity of the wine.

3, smell: when you shake the glass, red wine and full contact with the air will emit its own flavor, at this time you can put your nose to the mouth of the glass, enjoy the taste of all kinds of red wine smell. There may be the smell of fruit fermentation, some other fruits, maybe rubber wood. Feel the scene of red wine brewing or the environment of grape growing. All are OK!

4, tasting: red wine is mainly sour, and both sides of our tongue are sensitive to the perception of arithmetic. So when I drink it, I want red wine to roll in my mouth. At this time, the taste of wine will fill your whole nose! For example: inhale into your mouth and let it roll with the red wine, In this way, we can experience the charm of red wine more!

how to drink red wine for beauty

1, when is the most suitable time to drink

if you want to drink red wine for beauty, you’d better choose to drink it about an hour before going to bed. Drinking red wine before going to bed can not only help beauty, but also help relieve physical and mental pressure and improve sleep quality.

2, how much to drink beauty

although red wine contains a small amount of alcohol, it is not suitable to drink too much, generally drinking 50 ml every day can play the role of beauty. In addition, if there is a need to drink red wine also helps promote digestion, you can drink about 60 ~ 100 ml of red wine to stimulate gastric secretion.

. Other cosmetic methods of red wine:

(1) add a little honey to the leftover wine to make paste, which is a natural anti wrinkle mask, which can increase skin elasticity. Apply the mask to your face and neck for 10 minutes. After skin reddening, cool your face with cold water.

(3) if you want to make full use of the fruit acid content in wine, add brown sugar to make the exfoliating mask. Add a little brown sugar into the red wine which is full of alcohol volatilization, put it into the refrigerator. After the brown sugar is fully dissolved in the wine and becomes viscous, apply it on the face, gently rub it with your fingers to remove the aged cutin, and finally wash the face with cold water.

how long can red wine be kept after opening the bottle

red wine is difficult to keep without specific storage place. Because the storage of red wine to temperature, humidity, shade has strict requirements. In the professional wine kiln, the temperature should be controlled at 10 ℃ to 14 ℃, and the humidity should be maintained at 70%. In ordinary families, wine should be sealed in corrugated boxes or styrofoam boxes with heat insulation and light insulation effect, and then placed in a cool and ventilated place with little temperature change, which can also be preserved for a long time.

as for the wine that has been opened but has not been drunk, the ideal method is to pump out the air in the bottle first, and then plug the bottle, so that it can be preserved for about a week. But the more economical way is to change the remaining wine into a small bottle, so that there is no air in the bottle and it can be kept for another 24 hours. However, the wine that has been opened should be drunk as soon as possible, because the longer it is kept, the faster its flavor will be lost.

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