Do you know these wonderful ways of using eggs?

in daily life, eggs are indispensable almost every day. The nutritional value of eggs is very high, fried, fried, cooked, fried, boiled and so on. Besides being edible, eggs have many uses.

1, can remove dirt:

if the soy sauce bottle, vinegar bottle and oil bottle used for a long time at home, there will be a lot of dirt, especially inconvenient to clean. If you break the eggshell into pieces and put it into the bottle, add a small amount of water and shake it repeatedly, the dirt inside will be eliminated.

2. Restoration of bifurcated brushes:

some brushes start to bifurcate after being used for a period of time. If you dip the bifurcated brushes in egg white, and then put them in a ventilated place in the shade, they will look like new ones.

3, glue glass or porcelain with egg white:

small pieces of glass or porcelain are hard to use after they are damaged. If you dip some egg shell liquid left after cooking with a cotton swab, smear the edge of the glass or porcelain to be bonded, and then squeeze the glass or porcelain together. After about 24 hours, the glass or porcelain will stick firmly and can continue to be used.

4, leather shoes with egg white sticking:

after wearing for a period of time, leather shoes will appear broken phenomenon, shoe polish, shoe water are difficult to cover, very affect the appearance. If you dip some liquid in the eggshell used for cooking with a cotton swab, gently smear it on the inside of the broken skin, align it and press it well. After putting on the shoe polish, there is not only no trace, but also no fear of water immersion.

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