Do you know whether it’s better to drink strong tea or light tea?

I believe many people like to drink tea, whether it’s strong tea or light tea. Many people are debating whether it is better to drink strong tea or light tea. Many people hold the view that the more expensive tea is, the better to drink, and the stronger the tea is, the more delicious it is. However, some people think that light tea is good for health. So, let’s talk about whether we should drink strong tea or light tea.

drinking too much strong tea will hurt the stomach. After drinking strong tea, it will dilute the gastric juice, reduce the concentration of gastric juice, so that the gastric juice can not digest food normally, resulting in dyspepsia, abdominal distension, abdominal pain and other diseases. Those with poor gastric function may even cause duodenal ulcer. Drinking too much tea often will increase the burden of cardiovascular and kidney, and may lead to palpitation, chest tightness, frequent urination, urgency of urination, dizziness and other symptoms. Because the caffeine in strong tea can make the heart beat faster and blood pressure rise; And then increase the burden of the heart and kidney, especially bad for the body, and drink too much will affect the nerves. Old people who drink strong tea for a long time are prone to fracture. In 1991, Brown University and Boston University in the United States jointly studied and discovered a new problem of caffeine in strong tea, that is, strong tea can greatly increase the possibility of fracture in the elderly. Specific research results show that people who drink five cups of strong tea a day have a 70% higher risk of pelvic fracture than those who drink light tea or no tea, even more than 80%. In other words, the higher the concentration of tea, the greater the possibility of fracture. The habit of drinking strong tea before lunch break and sleep can lead to insomnia and affect sleep quality. Tea contains caffeine to stimulate nerves. Drinking strong tea is also prone to constipation.

tea is an elegant thing, which can make people feel natural and comfortable. But strong tea is bad for health, so I suggest that we drink some light tea to adjust the mood of life. But don’t drink too much tea. The elderly and children should pay more attention. Children are still growing, so they should pay more attention.

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