Do you like these carcinogens?

Do you like these carcinogens?

do you like these carcinogens?

the healthy diet of office workers has always been not very ideal. They are in a hurry to solve the problem with breakfast and fast food for lunch, which is also very hasty. When the dinner is off duty, they have all kinds of fish and meat, which is very unhealthy for a long time. Often eat out will lead to a lot of health problems, you often eat what is carcinogenic food, but you do not know?

1, fried food

, fried food is the most popular among office workers; Fried food & quot; It is a kind of junk food containing benzopyrene, nitrosamine and acrylamide. For example, fried chicken chop, fried squid ring, fried chicken fillet, etc. These fried foods are high in calories, and a chicken leg set meal accounts for about half of the total energy.

2, Malatang

, Malatang, with & lt; Everything is hot, tasteless and tasteless; Many people like to eat spicy hot, especially the spicy hot on the street. In fact, in addition to health problems, there are other hidden dangers of this spicy hot. Spicy scalding is cooked at high temperature, and the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in vegetables will be largely lost. The maximum tolerance temperature of oral cavity is 65 ℃ and that of esophagus is 45 ℃. If you eat hot food in your mouth, you will feel more hot in the esophagus. In this way, the high temperature will easily damage and proliferate the esophageal mucosa, which will increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

3, cover cooking

cover cooking is also the favorite of office workers, convenient and delicious. Cover cooking has many kinds of food and rich nutrition, which is sought after by office workers. But in some restaurants, this is not the case. In order to make the food more delicious, a lot of oil will be used in cooking, which will increase the heat of cooking. And too high oil temperature will make vegetables, meat denaturation and loss of a lot of nutrients.

4 and cold skin

cold skin is mostly made of rice, wheat, beans and so on. Its main components are water, protein and starch. In order to increase the toughness of jelly or jelly, many vendors illegally join & lt; Instant ash & quot; And borax, the two chemical raw materials, are not only toxic, but also carcinogenic. Therefore, in the market to buy Liangpi or Liangfen, we must pay attention to health, try to eat less or do not eat.

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