Do you like to drink water from water dispenser or electric kettle at home? Don’t be silly.

people drink water every day. Do you like to drink water from water dispenser or electric kettle? Many people like to use water dispensers, mainly because they are more convenient. They don’t have to wait for the water to boil, and they just drink when they mix hot and cold. However, there are also some people who like to drink water in a hot kettle and think that raw water is safer after boiling. Different drinking water facilities have their own advantages and disadvantages, but which one is better? Today, let’s talk about ~

Water is the source of life, the safety of daily water use can not be ignored. In contrast, a hot kettle is different. When the scale deposits on the bottom of the kettle, people just need to reach in and add some baking soda to whitewash and clean it!

in fact, these drinking water facilities have their own advantages and disadvantages in use. Xiaobian only hopes that everyone can drink healthy water. Here I would like to remind you that when using bottled water dispenser, you should remember to clean it regularly every three months to clean the accumulated scale and yellow stains. When using a hot water kettle, if you don’t want the bottom of the kettle to deposit scale, you may as well use filtered water or mineral water to burn.

sometimes when you are away on a business trip, you can’t help but choose which kind of drinking water, but it’s always right to remember to drink boiled water!

, however, after the water dispenser was turned on, it was heated repeatedly, and the water temperature hovered between 85 ℃ and 92 ℃; Thousand boiling water;, After the hot water is discharged, the cold water is added, and the temperature decreases obviously. The & lt; Thousand boiling water;, Drinking for a long time is bad for health; Boiling water comes out of the plastic faucet, and harmful substances are easy to integrate into the water; Moreover, if the inner tank is not cleaned for more than 3 months, a large number of bacterial residues will grow. If the stainless steel hot tank is not welded properly, the heavy metals in drinking water will exceed the standard.

Compared with the water dispenser, the electric kettle is more troublesome, but it’s very convenient to clean, and the boiled water can guarantee the boiling point of 100 degrees. It’s suitable for making tea or pouring directly, and the safety of drinking water is also guaranteed. Moreover, the electric kettle is safer and healthier than the water dispenser. As long as the water from the electric kettle is not heated repeatedly, it is not boiling water and will not do harm to people’s health.

electric kettle has two heating forms: coil heating and chassis heating. Coil heating, it is a stainless steel coil inside; The electric kettle with chassis heating has a heating plate at the bottom of the kettle. Usually people seldom use the electric kettle with coil heating. The sanitary quality of this kind of kettle is very low, and the unqualified rate is very high. So many people are using the chassis to heat the electric kettle, which is practical and healthy.

so we must start to boil water in our daily life. We must not develop some bad habits in order to save time. After a long time, it will do great harm to our health.

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