Do you need to buy high calcium milk when you buy milk

Do you want to buy high calcium milk when you buy milk; High calcium milk & quot; Is it worth it or not? Experts have made a test on the milk in the supermarket. They bought a variety of boxed milk of three brands from the market, and determined the nutritional components by standard methods. The protein content was in line with the label, even slightly higher. According to the national standard, the protein content should be more than or equal to 2.9%, while the measured data is 3.0% – 3.1%. It’s the same with fat. It’s a little higher than the mark.

the key problem is calcium content. The calcium content of 100 grams of ordinary milk is between 102 mg and 107 mg, but what about high calcium milk? Between 109 and 112 mg. On the package, however, it was clearly written that the calcium content reached 130-140 mg, and some even claimed that it was not less than 150 mg.

originally, adding a large amount of calcium to milk is a very difficult technical matter, in which there is a delicate balance between protein and calcium. If the calcium content is artificially increased, it is easy to cause instability of protein system. That is to say, the real & quot; High calcium milk & quot; When residents buy it home, if they heat it before drinking it, the protein in it should be easy to react and form a certain white precipitate, and the taste will not be as fresh and sweet as ordinary milk. And the market to buy these kinds of & quot; High calcium milk;, After heating, the taste is basically the same as that of ordinary milk.

a survey shows that people who buy high calcium milk tend to be those who know little about the nutritional value of milk. In fact, milk and yoghurt are rich in calcium, which can be called high calcium food. Moreover, if adults drink one or two bags of ordinary milk every day, they can meet their daily calcium demand and supplement.

many consumers have a misconception that only foods with extra calcium can supplement calcium. Businesses also take advantage of the weakness that consumers don’t understand the natural and efficient calcium supplement of some foods and deliberately want to post & lt; High calcium & quot; As for the effect of calcium supplementation, there is no scientific data to confirm.

according to this reasoning, if calcium is added in food production, it can be called high calcium food, then should gypsum tofu and brine tofu be renamed & quot; High calcium tofu & quot; Or & lt; Bean curd with high calcium and magnesium; What about it?

the most urgent task for consumers is to understand what natural calcium supplement foods are, scientifically and rationally supplement calcium for the body, and don’t blindly pursue it; High calcium & quot; The logo of. Dairy products and bean products are the most efficient calcium supplements.

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