Do you want to eat yogurt for dinner to lose weight?

many people like yogurt very much. It’s a kind of food suitable for all ages. Many people like yogurt very much, especially some girlfriends. Yogurt is rich in many active factors, which is very helpful for improving our own intestinal digestion ability, Can also help us to achieve good weight loss effect, let’s learn about dinner to eat yogurt to lose weight.

1. Yes, it’s better to choose low-fat yogurt. It’s better to solve it before seven o’clock. Just pay attention to the balance of vitamins and calories for breakfast and lunch. It’s no problem to drink yogurt at night. But I didn’t eat in the evening for some time. The effect is very good, but really, I’m hungry… What’s more, it’s best not to eat at night in summer.

2. Yoghurt weight loss method can make the intestines and stomach rest and adjust the intestinal environment at the same time. Fat burns more easily after fasting.

suitable for people: never eat mm, often constipated mm, do not like to cook mm, often cold mm

yogurt fasting schedule:

first day: preparation

morning: as usual: same as evening: usual 70% diet

dinner should be light.

the next day: weaning

early: yogurt + Cucumber Juice: yogurt + carrot juice late: yogurt + Cucumber Juice

weaning each time take about 200ml of yogurt. If you don’t drink vegetable juice, you’d better add a cup of soybean milk at the bottom. Three times a day, in addition to drinking about 2L of warm water, drinking mineral water to supplement water.

the third day: resume diet

early: yogurt + soymilk middle: yogurt + soymilk late: eat porridge

enter the second day of fasting. The body will feel very much. At this time, we must resist the temptation of food. At noon and in the evening, you should strictly enter the yogurt recipe. At night, you will feel delicious if you drink a bowl of coarse rice porridge. The fourth day: normal diet

morning: 70% diet: late as usual: the same as the previous diet

from the fourth day, but you should eat light in the morning. Don’t burden your stomach.

this method of fasting once every other week, not only has a beautiful figure, but also develop the habit of eating less.

it’s very good to eat some yoghurt for dinner. Does eating yoghurt for dinner reduce weight become a topic of special interest to many female friends. Everyone can form a good habit of eating some yoghurt for dinner. It can have a very good effect for our obese female friends to achieve the goal of reducing weight.

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