Do you want to learn how to eat potatoes healthily?

Do you want to learn how to eat potatoes healthily?

healthy eating method of potato do you want to learn?

fried shredded potatoes

sliced potatoes are very fine, which will lead to a lot of nutrient loss. And most people will use blisters before frying potatoes, some even blanch first and then rinse with cold water, which will make the rich vitamin C and inorganic salts such as potassium and magnesium dissolve in water and lose. Moreover, because the cross-section of fried potato is more, the surface area increases, and it will absorb more oil.

cooking tips: early vinegar, not only increase the taste, but also improve the absorption rate of protein, calcium, vitamin C and other nutrients. Put salt late, on the one hand, salt will make potatoes soft, on the other hand, it will increase the loss of vitamin C. If the salt is put too early, it will also increase the intake of sodium.

mashed potatoes

mashed potatoes after steaming, soft taste, more suitable for the elderly and children. After reasonable collocation, it can also be used as a dietotherapy dish for people who need to control their weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. However, some improper collocation will destroy the nutritional and health functions of mashed potatoes. For example, in some foreign fast food & lt; Mashed potatoes with milk;, A large amount of margarine, artificial colors, flavors and sugar were added to the mashed potato.

cooking tips: yogurt and nut mashed potatoes are recommended. They not only taste good, but also supplement protein and minerals after adding yogurt and nuts. They are more nutritious and are a good food. Choose walnuts, cashews, peanuts.

steamed potato

steamed potato is the most ideal cooking method, which has little effect on nutrition and retains natural fragrance. Studies have shown that the loss of vitamin C in potatoes after steaming is very little, and the retention rate is more than 80%, while there is no loss of carbohydrates, minerals and dietary fiber. It will also make the starch granules fully gelatinized, making it easier to be digested and decomposed in the body, and will not bring burden to the gastrointestinal tract.

cooking tips: the whole potato steamed with skin has less nutrition loss, especially more vitamin C, which is the best way to eat.

fried potato chips

potatoes cut into thin slices to cook, will make part of the nutrient loss. But generally, the cooking time of fried potato chips is short, which can make up for the deficiency to a certain extent.

cooking tips: do not use blisters before frying potato chips, soaking will lose more nutrition.

braised potatoes

potatoes cut into large pieces, less knife work, less cross-section, so the loss of water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C, B vitamins is also less. However, some people will fry the potatoes when they are braised in brown sauce. Although the taste is better, many precious nutrients are destroyed.

cooking tips: roast beef with potatoes is a perfect match. Potatoes lack mineral iron and protein, and beef is rich in these nutrients. Beef lacks carbohydrates and vitamin C, and contains cholesterol. Potatoes can not only make up for the lack of beef, but also rich in dietary fiber, which can reduce the absorption of cholesterol.

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