Do you want to peel an apple?

Do you want to peel an apple?

is apple peeled?

when you are about to nibble an apple, what are you thinking about? Maybe the problem most people face is whether to peel or not. On the one hand, there has always been & lt; Most of the nutrition of apples is in the skin; It’s not the same; On the other hand, wax and pesticides on the surface of apple peel can bring disease risk. Considering all kinds of factors, the advice given by the World Health Organization is to peel.

what’s the nutrition of apple peel

there are some nutrients in apple peel, especially some antioxidants, such as phenols, flavonoids and so on. These active substances can inhibit enzymes that cause high blood pressure and play a role in preventing chronic diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes. In addition, nearly two-thirds of the fiber in apple peel, dietary intake of enough fiber to maintain the digestive system and cardiovascular system function is particularly important.

however, even if the apple skin is very nutritious, the amount of nutrients in the skin is nothing compared with those we need in our daily life. Eating an apple with its skin will not have a significant effect on health.

pesticide residues are easy to cause diseases

in addition to nutrition, pesticide residues in the process of planting and wax used by businesses to keep fresh will also adhere to the peel. Even if it is cleaned, it can not guarantee the complete removal of bacteria and chemicals on the peel.

1, wax.

there are three main sources of wax on apple peel: first, the wax secreted in the process of apple growth is not harmful to human body; The second is the use of artificial wax to keep fresh and prevent water evaporation, which is not harmful to human body; The third is the real threat to human health & mdash& mdash; In order to reduce the cost of industrial wax, which may contain lead, mercury and other heavy metals, excessive intake will damage the nervous system.

2, pesticide.

environmental pollution, excessive use of pesticides leading to drug residues is an important factor threatening food safety. Long term consumption of fruits with drug residues may lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body, causing vomiting, diarrhea, skin allergy and other symptoms, and in severe cases, gastrointestinal and liver injuries.

with the increasing use of artificial chemicals and insecticides in food production in China, the World Health Organization (who) suggested on World Health Day 2015 that root vegetables and fruits should be peeled thoroughly. So the next time you chew an apple, you’d better peel it for the sake of your health.

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