Do you want to see five questions and answers about eating pumpkin?

Do you want to see five questions and answers about eating pumpkin?

five questions about eating pumpkin do you want to see?

pumpkin is so sweet, why can sugar friend eat it?

this question of netizens actually implies & quot; Sugar friends should not eat sweet food; This is a false conclusion. In fact, sweet is not sugar friend’s & lt; Red light;, The most important thing is to grasp the quantity! Eating four or 52 is no problem for diabetics. If you can eat with your skin, you can rest assured!

why should pumpkin be eaten with skin?

after pumpkin is seeded and peeled, the content of dietary fiber is not high, but it is a food with high glycemic index (higher than watermelon, millet, potato, and sweet potato), especially when cooking millet pumpkin porridge, the speed of blood sugar rise is relatively fast. The dietary fiber in the skin is of great value in delaying the rise of blood sugar! And the skin is not bad, if you can, please take the skin to eat pumpkin.

as a vegetable, why is pumpkin so sweet?

pumpkin is not high in carbohydrate, but it tastes very sweet, which is different from ordinary vegetables. Why? It turns out that the carbon water of pumpkin is composed of fructose, glucose, starch and other components, of which fructose accounts for the largest proportion, and fructose is the sweetest in carbon water, and its sweetness is about three times that of glucoseļ¼ˆ Watermelon, lychee, etc. are especially sweet because of high fructose content.)

pumpkin hypoglycemic, sugar friends eat hard?

pumpkin really tangled, some people say that too sweet sugar friends can not eat; There are also a group of people who say that pumpkin can reduce blood sugar, sugar friends need to eat more, how to eat in the end? Pumpkin contains a component called pumpkin polysaccharide, which is extracted separately and has a certain hypoglycemic effect; But as a whole food, pumpkin contains sugar and energy, eating more will definitely lead to high blood sugar! It has also been proved theoretically and experimentally.

is pumpkin a dish or a staple food?

pumpkin carbohydrate content is not high, not staple food, not potato starch, less than watermelon! So it can only be regarded as vegetables, but compared with ordinary vegetables, the dietary fiber content of pumpkin is not high, and the proportion of pectin soluble dietary fiber is large, so pumpkin is used to make porridge. It doesn’t feel rough at all, but it matches the texture of porridge very well!

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